Ongoing Properties in Uttara That You Should Keep an Eye on

Uttara is like a city within a city. You get a mini version of Dhaka if you live here. People who live in Uttara get to enjoy the city life to the maximum. Plus it's a budget friendly place so you can purchase a property here according to your limitation.

Uttara is for everyone. People of every class can afford to live in this area and utilize the unbound facilities of this area. Check our ongoing properties in Uttara that you should keep an eye on to make your life more blessed.

Uttara has Everything

Why Choose Uttara

You can't mention a typical city thing that Uttara lacks. You get everything in your surroundings which is guaranteed.

Cheap Transportation

Amazing but true that in Uttara you can travel by rickshaw to the possible maximum distance only @20tk which is relatively cheap. Doesn't happen everywhere in Dhaka!

Family Place

Uttara has a homey neighbourhood. You can see some traditional families here who like to maintain good relationships with the family living next door.

Exciting but Safe

In Uttara you will see people roaming around,having night outs or just simply shopping even at late nights. Yes in this part of Dhaka city safety is not a crisis anymore!

Ongoing Properties in Uttara

Start your business or life afresh from this precious miniature of Dhaka. Choose our featured property because ASSURE cares for you! We keep our relation with your clients intact. Trust and start your journey with us.

You wont regret it!

Choose your or your business' next address from our property list and give yourself a treat of peace! We are one of the most competent real estate companies in the market. Don't believe it, Google it!