Social Responsibility

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, ASSURE GROUP remains engaged with different Charitable giving, Volunteering in the community, Corporate policies that benefit the environment, under different program.

Religious Program:

  • Co-funded Sadarpur Mosque in Kustia.
  • Co-funded in construction of Tangail orphanage and Madrasa building.
  • Funding in renovation of Koya Graveyard and Eidgah
  • Funding for building construction of Koya Girls school
  • Funding for Monoharpur poschim para jame mosque
  • Donation for development of Khalpar Jame Mosque at sector-13, Uttara
  • Financing for 3 Haji in every year.

Education Program:

  • Scholarship to Nusrat Jahan, an underprivileged meritorious student of Jagannath University.
  • Scholarship to Kashnia Akhter Liza
  • Scholarship to Abir Hossain

ASSURE GROUP remains steadfast in its dedication to education and community betterment. The “Sheikh Shadi Center for Study & Research Building” is our commitment to shaping a brighter future. This four-story edifice, located at Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan University College in Burburia, Shibpur, Narsingdi, embodies our dedication to fostering knowledge, research, and social progress.

Sheikh Shadi Center for Study & Research Building

Medical Campaigns in Manikganj

We have conducted many day-long medical campaigns in Assure Agro Complex, Gheor, Manikganj in 2018. The programs were operated in partnership with Lions Club and Dhaka Dipika.

Doctors including medicine and eye specialists took part in the medical campaigns to ensure quality medical service for the underprivileged people.

Lions Club Dhaka DIPIKA Medical Campaigns