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A brief overview of the DAP map of Dhaka city developed by RAJUK. Explore the DAP planning and ensure a comfortable lifestyle in the future Dhaka.

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মেট্রোরেল - ভবিষ্যৎ ও সম্ভাবনা

মেট্রোরেল: মাত্র ৪০ মিনিটে উত্তরা থেকে মতিঝিল! খুলে দিবে আবাসন খাতে সম্ভাবনার নতুন দুয়ার।

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শীর্ষ ১০ আবাসন কোম্পানী

বাংলাদেশের শীর্ষ ১০টি নির্মাণ ও আবাসন কোম্পানির তথ্য নিন্মরূপ।

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Residential Services At Your Door Step

Nowadays, residential services have made our lives easier. Here are some different types of residential services that you can easily avail in Bangladesh.

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Demanding South Facing Apartments

Did you know that people in Bangladesh prefer living in apartments with south-facing windows more than those with other directions?

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What Would You Do If any Calamities Happen in Dhaka

Do you know what would you do if any calamities happen in Dhaka? You can read our thoroughly researched take on what one should do in times of calamities.

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Things To Know About Developers Before Redevelopment

Here are a few things you must know before giving your flat to developers. Get in touch with the Assure Group for expert opinions and help with redevelopment.

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Diabari Project Uttara

Uttara Apartment Project' is located in Uttara 3rd Phrase Project's sector 18. The establishment of a new township and the growth of financial facilities

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Buying a Flat or a Plot in Dhaka

In the scarcity of lands in Dhaka city, purchasing an independent flat means having the freedom to create a home based on one's own needs and limits.

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11 Best Ways to Get Maximum Value of Your Property in Dhaka

Homeownership is more than just a feeling. It's also a financially sound move as you develop assets in your house and see its value rise dramatically.

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Getting Less Affected by Dhaka City Traffic Jam

Getting less affected by Dhaka city traffic jam seems a little miracle, doesn’t it? Well, read this article to know the details. We solved the traffic issue here!

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Best Sports Facilities in Dhaka for Fine Leisure Time

Playing your favorite game is a great feeling in the world. That’s why we found some of the best sports facilities in Dhaka to cooperate. Read on.

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