Company Profile at a Glance

Assure Group set its foot in the real estate business in 2007 with a view to providing stunning homes for the contemporary city lifestyle. Over the past 18 years, we've evolved into a recognized leader in the sector, serving a diverse clientele and consistently delivering excellence in our projects.

Through our elegant design, superior resources, and excellent workmanship, we are materializing the promise of providing a complete living experience to our clients. Our market insight and proactive approach to address any issue have earned us the confidence of clients as they invest in their dream property.

Assure Murshed Height's

Certified Company

As a visionary real estate service provider, we have displayed a strong commitment to accomplish client satisfaction and maintain consistency in our service since the day we have started our journey. International acknowledgment soon followed the global standard for quality management. This recognition is proof of our efficiency in upholding the interest of all our stakeholders. It further inspires us to create a higher standard in the real estate industry in Bangladesh.

Our Businesses

Assure Development and Design

We started the journey in 2010, intending to fulfill a range of designing and decorating needs in the real estate sector. Our outstanding team of skilled professionals brings a progressive ambiance through designs that influence a healthy lifestyle.

Assure Builders Ltd.

Assure builders came into the real estate business in 2006 to provide an improved housing experience to the customers. We constantly look to achieve the highest quality in building contemporary homes through our modern design, superior construction, and technological innovation.

Assure Properties

Assure Properties undertook its journey to bring innovation to the way people deal with housing properties. Mostly dealing in apartment housing, we have combined design with comfort, keeping the unique need for metropolitan dwellers in mind.

Assure Tourism Ltd.

Assure Tourism was founded by Assure Group in 2015, aiming to build luxury resorts and attract tourists from all over the world. To make an impact on the national economy, we are focusing on building international standard tourist facilities in the country. At present, Assure Tourism Ltd. is operating 2 Luxury 5-star standard Resorts named DERA Resort & Spa, one in Inani, Cox's Bazar, and another one in Manikganj. Additionally, we provide one-stop travel solutions for Air Ticketing, Visa Processing, Tour Packages, Hotel Booking, and expert Travel Consultancy services, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable travel experience for our clients, including escort services.

Assure General Hospital Ltd.

To improve the general healthcare access to the people of our country, we are making our mark in the health sector. We have already started working on building top quality hospitals in Uttara and Purbachal.

Assure Agro Complex

In 2011, Assure Group stretched its wings to the agribusiness in the country to make a positive change to the industry. A high returning dairy farm, a seed and feed mill, and a fish project is the ventures where we have put in the effort to deliver quality products.

Meet the Team

Md Sheikh Shadi Chairman of Assure Group
Md. Sheikh Shadi

Founder & Chairman

Assure Group

ASSURE GROUP drives forward to provide superior quality real-estate products under the energetic and capable leadership of the Founder & Chairman, Md. Sheikh Shadi.

His journey into real estate began when he realized that there was a huge gap in information and understanding of customer service. So he decided to take a new approach to the real estate business.

Our Vision

To be always ahead of the trends in the real estate industry of the country and keep a significant footprint that others will follow.

Our Mission

To foster peace of mind and prosperity by building subtle homes and superior commercial spaces.

Why Customers Love Us

  • We have a highly qualified team of professionals who possess construction expertise that makes our projects highly functional, stylish, and sturdy.
  • Our profound knowledge in real estate business helps the customers make the right decision in dealing with a property. We maintain clarity in our arrangements and provide all the necessary support.
  • We have set high bars in keeping the maximum standard in property handling. We never compromise with the compliance at any stage of a project.
  • By placing an extensive focus on meeting the project delivery target, we have put our customers at the center of our service.
  • From acquiring land to completion of the building, we pay attention to every detail and maintain a professional approach.