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Steps of Buying Commercial Property

Buying commercial assets has the prospective to be a magnificent investment, often more so than residential properties

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Types of Apartments

Buying an apartment or flat in Dhaka is now a desire for every family. You feel secure if you have the affordability of buying a flat or apartment since it saves a vast amount of money while living in Dhaka.

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Ways to Provide Fire Safety Measures

Fire safety is a basic consideration in building design and management. Unfortunately, people want to skip this part.

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Building Construction Services

Building construction services are the structures that are installed in buildings to make them comfortable, functional, efficient, beautiful, and safe. Construction services can include all types of building management systems.

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Future in the Megacity Dhaka

A megacity is a very large city, typically with a population of more than 10 million people. Well, this is the basic identification of a megacity but in a big thought, the term megacity refers to many elements.

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ফ্ল্যাট কেনায় গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিবেচ্য

ফ্ল্যাট কেনার ক্ষেত্রে কিছু বিষয় গুরুত্বের সাথে বিবেচনা করতে হয়। ডাউন পেমেন্ট, ব্যবহৃত কাচামাল,

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বসবাসের জন্য ঢাকার সেরা জায়গাগুলো

বসবাসের জন্য ঢাকার সেরা জায়গাগুলো।

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Home Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Plants or Herbs considered one of the adorable ingredients of the environment as well as used for the beautification of our home’s vacant spaces.

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What to Know Before Buying Your Dream Flats/Apartments

Investing in a new house or flat is one of the most crucial decisions of your life and is probably a dream that conceals in your soul from a very young age. Years of saving and years of planning cannot be let go in vain when you make the ultimate decision

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Reasons Why City-Dwellers Prefer Residential Areas in Dhaka

If one is looking for a place where he can get available amenities like well-structured buildings, educational institutions, eco-friendly environments, medical treatments, shopping complexes as well as traffic-free areas, then the solution is the resident

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Why Choose Dhaka as Your Dream Home

Nearly two billion people live under the umbrella of Dhaka and still, the people of Bangladesh eagerly want to migrate towards Dhaka as their permanent resident because of the educational institutions, available health-care services, job opportunities, ac

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Tourist Attractions in Dhaka

The capital of Bangladesh -Dhaka has got diverse places to be visited by the tourists which has made the city a city of culture and history.

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