Why South Facing Apartments are Always in High Demand in Bangladesh

It may not be the only consideration when choosing an apartment, but the significance of the direction a property faces may influence people to a great extent. Apartments with south-facing exposure windows are always in high demand, as they are thought to be the most popular, particularly for people in Bangladesh.

This is primarily because a south-facing apartment will naturally be more lively. You get the most airflow all the time, making the air ventilation system just perfect. Therefore, south-facing windows are always the best choice as well. It is advantageous to live in an apartment facing south. Let's explore the benefits.

Better and More Comfortable Environment

Apartments facing south are incredibly comfortable compared to those facing any other direction. They can also serve as relaxing spots for residents to sit and rest in the evenings and early mornings.

Better Air flows

Better Air

We all know the Bay of Bengal is situated in the south of Bangladesh, which pretty much defines the overall country-wise air flow as well.

The air flows through the south are maximum in amount, and it also brings in the refreshing breeze to make us more lively. So south-facing apartments give maximum air ventilation facilities, which seems missing in other apartments.

Typically it makes your apartment cool and comfortable even in scorching heated day or night.

Better Daylight

This is due to the light. South-facing apartments' windows can be fully opened, allowing natural sunlight to enter. It will provide a relaxing feeling while also making the room light and bright. The sunlight won’t be too bright or too warm for you as it would have been for east or west-facing apartment.

Better Health

Better always consists of a better environment for the health and what we are intaking. Sunlight and air are the key components to keep our body well nurtured. So, having both key ingredients in one place always ends up in better health for the residents.

Good for Plants and Fruits

Good for Plants and Fruits

Due to improved sunlight treatment, plants and fruits will grow well and comfortably in a south-facing apartment. South-facing homes are also ideal for growing fruits because they receive light from the sun.

Plants will be naturally energetic, resulting in healthier fruits. It also benefits people who enjoy gardening and taking care of plants.

Right Building Location

Most people in Bangladesh prefer south-facing apartments because they are in an ideal location compared to the other directions. Because the city is primarily built in the south, buildings with a southern orientation have a higher ranking.

More Comfortable Living In Winter Time

Winter has long been associated with shorter days and fewer hours of sunlight. Besides, in winter, we have wind coming from the north. Those with south-facing balconies are more desirable than those without during this season. The sun is a powerful source of light that can brighten and make a room feel pleasantly welcoming.

Better Opportunity to Sell the Apartment in Future

South-facing apartments are always in high demand in Bangladesh. The owners prefer south facing flat because it makes it easier to sell their south-facing home. Because they have enhanced natural light and better views.

South-facing houses are typically more expensive than north-facing or east-facing houses. It is because south-facing homes receive plenty of air and sunlight, making them attractive and desirable.

Final Words

South-facing apartments are the best option if you are looking for an urban unit. South-facing apartments are not only necessary for apartment lifestyles but can provide far greater benefits than any other type of property.

When it comes to living in Bangladesh, the above advantages make south-facing apartments far preferable to those facing different directions. If you are interested in purchasing a south facing apartment in Dhaka, you can go through Assure’s properties for plenty of wonderful south-facing flats.

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