Choosing Between Buying a Flat or a Plot in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Buying a flat or land is a big investment, especially for any first buyer. The investors must exercise caution while investing their tireless money in the hope of a positive future. We say it depends on the individual's factors, such as the personal source of income,

  • His or her surroundings
  • Individual preferences
  • Optional relativity

Buying a plot or a flat in Dhaka city, both are profitable if carefully considered a few things before buying. Below are the important aspects of flats and plots. Based on this it will be easier for a person to make a decision as to which one to buy, flat or plot.

Although apartment culture has surpassed the residential market in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh, consumers are still confused by the investment distinctions between plots and flats.

Things To Consider Before Investing in Property

Legal Concerns

Legal Concerns:

One of the most striking features of plots is that they might be put inadvertently. To be safe, get a unit in the neighborhood where the builder will take care of everything.



Plots and flats have separate tax treatment. The monthly loan payments allow you to save on tax when you take out a house loan to buy a flat or a builder's floor.

In the case of plots, interest can be deducted only from the time the construction is finished.



When buying land, you must plan a building according to a predetermined structure and hire an architect or contractor to complete it. It entails a lot of work over minor details, in addition to managing the construction, coordinating financing, and dealing with local authorities and contractors.

When buying an apartment, however, the developer is in charge and gives you possession once the apartment is finished. Only the furnishings must be considered, not the physical building.

Managing The Situation

Managing The Situation:

An apartment also includes basic services like power backup, water, maintenance, and security, as well as additional amenities such as a clubhouse and swimming pool.

If you decide to buy a parcel of land and build a house on it, you will almost definitely have to make all of your arrangements. As a result, buying a flat is a reasonable choice.

Getting a Loan

Getting a Loan:

Obtaining financial help for the purchase of a plot is more difficult than for the purchase of a flat since financial institutions avoid lending for the purchase of a plot.



While getting ownership of an apartment can take months or years, plots are usually ready to go. If you choose a plot in a municipality, you will most likely receive possession of the plot before a flat.



If you want to make a steady rental profit, you should buy a built-up flat. An apartment may be rented out to generate cash whenever you choose, which is not possible with plots.Plots don't pay off until you start building on them.



Buying a plot of land allows you to sculpt, shape, and construct a structure according to your preferences and requirements. An apartment, on the other hand, is a pre-built structure tailored to a specific set of demands. Modification to meet the needs of each buyer is limited.

Value of recognizes

Value of recognizes:

In the long term, the plot is more important than the flats. Due to the dwindling supply of space in cities these days, a plot is predicted to appreciate significantly when compared to a flat.

Improve the standard of living

Improve the standard of living:

Having a piece of land is a sign of wealth. A plot of land has no space limits, therefore any structure built on it can accommodate a huge number of people, depending on the family's size and needs. As a result, having one's own home can be considered to increase one's level of living.

Deciding to Buy a Flat is Better Option in Dhaka City

With that said, both apartments and land have pluses and minuses. To measure the buying difference between plot and flat, it all boils down to personal preference. With a plot, you'll have to be cautious in some decisions. In the end, you'd have to maintain the construction standard.

Flats, on the other hand, are convenient because everything is available and you can start earning immediately.

Living in an apartment can bring benefits such as better affordability, less maintenance, plenty of amenities, extra security and greater flexibility to afford to live in a location you prefer. Assure is giving a wide range of variations to make the perfect choice for your dream home.