Where Should You Buy Your Next Property in Dhaka: Find Your Best Location

Whether you’re one of those millionaire businessmen or just deposited a handsome amount bit by bit to buy a new property, your every penny is precious to you.

No matter, it’s land, house, or an apartment, this is one of the biggest decisions of your life. However, when it’s about buying property in Dhaka, many questions may arise in your mind.

The most common concern we have ever found is, where should you buy your next property in Dhaka? If this question is also running through your mind, our article is for you.

Where Should You Buy Your Next Property in Dhaka?

Where Should You Buy Your Next Property in Dhaka?

Dhaka is the center of our country’s political, economical, and cultural activities. The abundance of modern facilities and sources of income attract people to live in Dhaka.

Even though the decision of choosing a place to buy property is quite subjective, here in Assure Group , we have picked some of the best places in Dhaka to buy property. Let’s check them out:



Whenever we think about the most thriving residential areas in Dhaka, the name “Dhanmondi” will remain on the top of the list. Here you’ll get all the modern amenities of city life. Alongside, the commercial development and real estate expansion have made this place more desirable.

Dhanmondi is surrounded by some of Bangladesh’s most eminent educational institutions and commercial offices. You’ll find several Private Universities and English Medium Schools in Dhanmondi that are praised for their advanced education system and highly modernized environment.

This area boasts an awesome combination of nature and concrete that you could hardly find in others of Dhaka city. There are plenty of Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and Art Galleries that bear the sign of a modern city, whilst the biggest Dhanmondi Lake opens the door of enjoying the natural beauty.



If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the tranquil luxury in Dhaka city, Uttara is the place you can consider without any hesitation. Uttara is praised almost among all people as the perfect residential area for the elite class.

Uttara is abundant with an array of high-class educational institutions, modern hospitals, and supermarkets. Moreover, the quality of the residential area and its environment seem like just made for a peaceful life.

Fortunately, there are lots of plots and apartments available despite high competition. Uttara is one of the most prominent locations for business and trading. There you will see buildings like RAK and ABC Tower.

A wide number of hotels and community centers add an extra layer of gratitude to this area.



Gulshan, the diplomatic zone of Dhaka city, is the place of a massive number of elite class people. This area is glorified with both commercial and residential neighborhoods.

The most remarkable fact about this area is its abundance of private clubs that are organized for elite class people only.

From elite boutiques to luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, pubs, and supermarkets, everything you need for a luxurious life is variable here.



Mirpur is the place where you’ll find people of all classes. However, this area is also praised among the elite class due to its high-end modern amenities, sprawling luxury homes, and planned roads.

You might have heard about the Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, yes this is located in Mirpur. Not only the stadium, but Mirpur is also full of attractions like the National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh and the Dhaka Zoo.

Dhaka College and the Military Institute of Science, which are two of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh, are situated here.

Some of the renowned banks and corporate organizations have established their headquarters in Mirpur. That is why businessmen and job holders prefer Mirpur as their home.


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Banani is the place where you’ll find the taste of both vibrant and high-end lifestyles. Even though this area was developed with middle-class people, over time, it has become a reliable destination for elite class people as well.

The attraction of Banani is the Shahjalal International airport. Aside from the airport, you’ll find numerous skyscrapers, renowned business organizations, and head offices of several embassies.

In case, you’re thinking about the facilities and quality of education, Banani will cover up everything. There you’ll find plenty of Schools, Colleges, and even some prestigious universities like the Northern University, and the University of South Asia.



Another diplomatic zone of Dhaka city, Baridhara is such an outstanding location that combines breathtaking views, the elegance of luxurious apartments, and soothing calmness.

In Baridhara, you’ll see the head office of some of the most popular organizations like the US Bangla Airlines, Canadian Embassy, US Embassy. If you’re worried about security, Baridhara is the perfect place for you. This area remains under police surveillance 24/7.

Final Words

We have tried our best to give you a clarified idea about where should you buy your next property in Dhaka. If you have the right budget, any of these areas will be the best option to buy your next property. In case, you need any type of consultancy, contact Assure Group.