Modern Room Design Ideas for Your Apartment in Dhaka

Everyone wants to have a home that is attractive and beautiful looking. If you want such a home, a modern room design can fulfill your wish. Assure Group provides multiple services including interior design.

In this article, we will provide some ideas on how to make a room modern. Spend some minutes reading this article and gather some modern room design ideas.

Modern Room Design Ideas for Your Apartment in Dhaka

Why Do You Need Modern Room Design?

A room is your personal space where you spend most of your time. Its look reflects your choice, taste and style. A good design can give your room a decent look. Moreover, to keep pace with modern times, you need a modern design for your room.

Some Modern Room Design Ideas

There can be numerous design ideas depending on various factors. Additionally, design ideas can also be different depending on the types of rooms like bedrooms, common rooms, drawing rooms. We are providing some general room design ideas to meet your curiosity.

Upgrade Furniture for Your Apartment in Dhaka

Use Perfect Color for Your Room

Color is an important element to make a room attractive and eye soothing. Don’t choose any color which can make your room dark. Pick brighter colors so that you don’t feel the lack of light inside your room. You are free to choose a color for your room as it’s a personal choice and varies from person to person.

Upgrade Your Furniture

You can replace your old furniture with new ones as the new furniture will have the most modern look. In addition, keeping furniture in the right position and place is also very important. So, choose the right furniture for every different room.

Add Removable Wallpaper for Your Apartment in Dhaka


There are numerous wallpapers available in the market which can beautify your room wall. You can search for wallpapers for your room wall from the e-commerce site.

Add Removable Wallpaper

You can use colorful and removable wallpaper to add extra color to your wall. It can highlight a wall in your bedroom, kitchen, drawing room etc. Additionally, it can give your room a modern look.

Painting and Artworks for Your Apartment in Dhaka

Painting and Artworks

If you have any favorite painting or artwork, you can hang it on your wall, especially in the drawing-room. You can hang some paintings made by kids of your family; it’ll encourage the kids to do more paintings.

Rearrange Your Furniture Layout

Have you become bored with your room and you don’t have enough funds to buy new furniture? Rearrange your furniture layout to give your room a new look. A proper arrangement of your room furniture can change the environment inside your room and give an attractive and modern look.

Cover the Windows with Colorful Curtains

Sometimes open windows can be problematic, for example, in the summer season very bright sunlight can disturb you, especially if it is your bedroom. So, we have to cover our windows. Generally, we cover windows with different types of curtains. Here is an option available to decorate your room using stylish, good designed and colored curtains for windows.

Use Wood for Your Floor and Ceiling

Wood can give your floor and ceiling a premium look. Use wood for both floor and ceiling if you have enough budget.

Choose Bold Lighting
Choose Bold Lighting for Your Apartment in Dhaka

Lighting is very important to control the brightness of a room. Use brighter light for the room lacking enough natural light. Keep windows in the right position so that you get enough sunlight. Anyway, you can choose bold lighting for your room as it can bring a modern look.

Floating Shelves

The floating shelf is useful in many ways. Some floating shelf-decorating ideas are given below.

  • A laptop desk
  • A bookcase
  • An entry table near the door
  • A table lamp stand
Colorful Pillows

If you love different types of color, you can add color to your room through many colorful pillows. It can increase the beauty of your room.

Final Remarks

A successful design depends on various factors such as using the right materials and perfect color combination, placement of the room, etc. So, a perfect design solution can only be achieved through the assistance of an expert.

Assure Group has interior and development experts who deliver perfectly designed flats and rooms according to your choice and demand. Explore our available properties for more diversified experience in Dhaka.