Top 11 Real Estate Developer Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world and has a very attractive real estate market for investors. Many property investors from overseas are now getting interested in the Bangladesh market. At present, the number of real estate companies in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. But, still, 10-15 companies are dominating the market. These companies hold a big portion of the whole market share of the real estate market of Bangladesh.

We have listed down some of the best real estate companies to give you a better view inside the market of Bangladesh. Besides that if you are interested in buying your apartment or flat you can easily take a decision from the following list of companies.

These companies are selected based on their market share, presence in the local market, existing remarkable services, good quality work and better installment and service delivery, etc. criteria. So, without further adieu let's hop in to the best developer companies in Bangladesh.

1. Assure Group:

ASSURE GROUP is one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh. It has started its journey from 2007 with a mission of uplifting the living style of city people of Bangladesh. They work on both residential and commercial properties. In a very short time, ASSURE has become one of the most reliable companies in the real estate arena. In addition to real estate development, they are also providing interior design services.

Assure group is one of the most trusted and committed real estate companies in Dhaka. Assure has completed many projects all over the Dhaka city and provides a broad choice of quality apartment or residence in Uttara, Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara, Aftabnagar, Dhanmondi, Bashundhara, etc. top areas of Dhaka.

Currently, ASSURE GROUP owns the following companies:

  • ASSURE Development and Design Ltd.
  • ASSURE Builders Ltd.
  • ASSURE Properties Ltd.
  • ASSURE Agro Complex Ltd.
  • ASSURE Tourism Ltd.
  • ASSURE General Hospital Ltd.

Some of the notable ongoing projects are:

Aside from the mentioned properties there are a lot of 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, mid to upper range apartments they usually offer.

Assure Group

2. Bashundhara Group:

Bashundhara Group has begun its journey as a real estate company with the name of “Bashundhara”. Bashundhara Group has started working in this sector since 1987. This group has experienced a huge success within a very short time. This group has always tried to focus on customers’ needs and responded accordingly. Most of its projects have achieved Success. They have done many mega projects in different locations in the country. Bashundhara Shopping Mall the multi-faceted shopping mall cum recreation center has added a different success story for the group.

Bashundhara has operated its business in various sectors. They are doing well in all of the sectors and became one of the renowned companies of Bangladesh.

Bashundhara Group

3. Navana Real Estate:

Navana Real Estate Limited (NREL) is a sister concern of Navana Group. It is established by Chairman Mr. Shafiul Islam in 1996. NREL has proved itself as one of the proud concerns of Navana Group. Their offices are located in Both Dhaka and Chittagong. They have worked on a huge range of residential and commercial projects. Navana has built many projects. Most of the projects are high and medium-sized apartments and office buildings. They have also completed housing township projects.

  • Navana Ascension
  • Navana Yusuf Infinity
  • Navana Sembilan
  • Navana Camellias
  • Navana Dianella
  • Navana Belgravia
Navana Real Estate

4. Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (bti):

Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (bti) is a Dhaka-based real estate development company having office and operation in Chattogram and Comilla. The company has earned the trust of their clients by ensuring quality apartments in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Comilla.

bti is the first and founder member of Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh REHAB. The company has been working in the real estate industry of Bangladesh since 1984.

Building Technology and Ideals Ltd

5. Amin Mohammad Group:

Amin Mohammad Group is one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh. This company was established by Amin Mohammad in 19993. In this period of time, they have completed many projects. They are recognized by their large scale projects, for example, Green Model Town and Amin Mohammad City. Their head office is situated in Dhaka but they also have offices in Chittagong and Sylhet. They have done development projects in all the megacities.

Some of their projects are:

  • Aurnob Green
  • Green Banani
  • Green Beverly Park
  • Green Baridhara
  • Green Arcadia
  • Green Coronet
Amin Mohammad Group

6. Concord Real Estate:

Concord Real Estate Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Dhaka. It is also one of the oldest real estate companies in our country. They have been working in this industry for the last four decades and have completed a huge number of projects with success. They are mostly renowned because of building the largest amusement parks- the Fantasy Kingdom and Foy’s Lake. With residential and commercial buildings, they also worked on many infrastructure projects like airports and bridges.

Some of their projects are:

  • Badal Heights Concord
  • Asha Concord
  • Concord Bari Monjil
  • Concord Mozammel Vila
  • Concord Bithi Vila
Concord Real Estate

7. Anwar Landmark:

Anwar Landmark deals with a different range of real estate services. They are reliable to customers because of their customer-oriented services. They earned this trust by their quality of work. Anwar Landmark is enlisted by RAJUK and they are also members of REHAB. They have completed many projects successfully till now and they are also working on many projects.

Some of their ongoing projects are:

  • Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project
  • Janata Tower
  • Hi-Tech Park Office
Anwar Landmark

8.  Rangs Properties Ltd:

Rangs Properties Ltd. is one of the well-known real estate companies in Bangladesh. The company was established in 1996. They have been operating their business in this industry for the last two decades. It is a subsidiary of Rangs Group. It is known for its high-end luxury apartments and commercial spaces. As their head office is located in Dhaka, all of their projects are Dhaka based.

Some of their ongoing projects are:

  • Miranda
  • Z Square
  • KM Square
  • FS Vega
  • RK Square
Rangs Properties Ltd

9. Shanta Holdings Ltd:

Shanta Holdings Ltd. is another leading real estate company in Bangladesh. In 1988 it started its journey as Garments Company but after that, it started to expand its business in other industries including real estate. It was founded by Khondoker Monir Uddin who is one of the most successful businessmen in the country. More than 200 employees are currently working for the company. Most of their projects have a success story and they are also working on many projects right now.

Some of their ongoing projects are:

  • Mirzam
  • The Regal
  • Forum
  • Aura
  • La Bijou
Shanta Holdings Ltd

10. Sheltech:

Sheltech is one of the oldest real estate companies in Bangladesh. It is an ISO certified company. More than 3000 employees are working for this company. This company has begun its journey from 1988. Most of their projects are apartment buildings. They have completed more than 200 projects till now.

Some of their ongoing projects are:

  • Sheltech Velour
  • Sheltech Rebecca
  • Commercial Projects from Sheltech
  • Sheltech Rubynoor

11. Nakshi Home Ltd.

Nakshi Home Ltd. is one of the successful real estate companies of Bangladesh. They worked on both residential and commercial buildings. Their head office is situated in Dhaka. But they work both inside and outside Dhaka. Outside of Dhaka, they mainly work at Tangail and Cox’s Bazar. They mainly work on high and medium-sized buildings. This Company is known for its innovative living concepts and unique architectural designs. They have completed five projects until now, currently, they are working on four projects and in the near future, they are planning to do three more projects.

Their ongoing projects are;

  • Nokshi Joynal Square
  • Nakshi Heaven
  • Nakshi Tlukder Garden
  • Nakshi Paradise
Nakshi Home Ltd

We have just featured some renowned real estate development companies in the country. This list is not absolute and we don’t claim it to be a perfect one. And, we are open to adding more companies to this list in the future.