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Benefits of Land Development

Land development plays a crucial role in improving all aspects of human life. But to develop your land, you must have some prior knowledge about how it works.

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Green Construction and Affordable Housing

Sustainable structures has long been an agenda in building sustainable cities. Turned out, it helps make the housing sector more affordable too.

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Make Apartment Environment Friendly

You can adopt a green and eco friendly lifestyle while living a busy city life if you make your apartment environment friendly with these ideas.

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Ongoing Commercial Properties

Looking for commercial properties to purchase in Dhaka? Check out our ongoing commercial properties in Dhaka and enjoy the best deal in town. Just click here!

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Ongoing Properties

Check out the selection of our ongoing properties in Mohammadpur that you should keep an eye on now! Who knows maybe you're looking at your next home address!

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Soil Testing before Construction

Deciding to construct a building or a complex? then you must need to know how important is soil testing before construction. Read and learn!

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Fully Furnished Apartments

Nowadays, people don't want to spend their effort and time decorating their flat. Buying fully furnished apartments can be useful to you for future convenience.

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5 Architectural Trends for Home

Have a look at 5 architectural trends for home building in 2020. You will find the best solution for your home design here with us. Click here for information.

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Make Your Living Room Elegant

Incorporate these living room ideas to brighten your room. These tricks will help you make an elegant and compact living room space.

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Condominiums or Apartments

Trying to learn interesting facts about diverse properties? Like which one is better, condominiums or Apartments? Know the difference and get the proper idea!

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