How Buying a Flat can Reduce Your Living Cost in Dhaka

Always people desire to have permanent assets since it has multiple benefits. Likewise, they want to have their own address. Buying a flat is a simple solution to it and in this way, one can make his or her dream come true. Occupying an apartment is a person’s desire and simultaneously reduces the cost of living in Dhaka.

Free from regular rent cost

Free from regular rent cost

In a city area like Dhaka, a resident has to pay a large portion of his or her income as house rent. A survey shows that the people of Bangladesh spend most of their salary on renting an apartment. So, if someone can be free from this monthly expense, he easily can save a huge amount of money.
However, the best way of reducing your living cost is to cut down the house renting budget. Hence, by buying a flat, you can permanently be free from this expense. After buying a flat, you only have to pay a service charge and bills but you will be free from the main cost.

Expending money on other priorities

Spend money on other priorities

When you can save the home renting cost, you would have the opportunity to spend them on the other priorities sectors like food or education. Moreover, if you can make your budget smartly, you can save that money before you have to pay rent. After saving a good amount you can utilize it in several ways.

Minimizing traffic cost

Minimizing transportation cost

People do not buy a flat randomly; rather they inspect all the benefits and losses then try to occupy an apartment. If they work in a particular area and their children go to an institution regularly, a large amount is spent on transportation. Usually, people try to buy flats somewhere, they see whether there are institutions, shopping malls, hospitals or office places so that they do not have to waste daily money on the fare. So, buying a flat does not only reduce house rent but also transportation costs.

Being landlord

Being landlord

If you have enough money, you can buy more than one apartment. You may need one flat but owning more would be beneficial for yourself. Except for one flat, other apartments will be an earning source for you. You can rent your flats to others as the owner of those and earn extra money without that much effort.

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