Flats for Sale in Moghbazar, Dhaka

Moghbazar is one of the most populated areas in Dhaka yet it has an increasing demand among people for settling in here. It's mostly due to its convenient access to necessary public amenities.

Keeping the importance of this region in mind we've built some amazing & glamorous properties here. Assure Group is providing you flats for sale in Moghbazar, Dhaka. Our exquisitely designed flats will easily grab your interest.

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Our Featured Properties in Moghbazar

Our featured properties in Moghbazar are ravishing for their style & contain all the modern elements to provide you a better lifestyle. Currently, we've two properties here but only one of them has flats for sale in Moghbazar available.

Assure Fair View Moghbazar

Assure Fair View

  • Nature: Residential.
  • Land Area: 10 Katha
  • Storied: Basement + Ground + 9 Living Floor.
  • Number of Apartments: 21 Nos.
  • Number of Elevator/Lift: 02 Nos.
  • Parking: Basement + Ground.
  • Number of Parking: 27

Assure Fair View

Moghbazar, Dhaka

Why Purchase Our Flats

Unique Design & Style

We are renowned for our visual appeal & architectural design in our flats. We hire the best architects to bring creative architecture & magnificent designs to your dream home. Our apartments look spacious & integrate modern architectural attributes appropriately.

Innovation and Quality

We deliver many types of properties and every one of them is designed by maintaining top quality & exceptional designs that are popular all over the world today. Our experts are strategic & inventive and so we earn good feedback on our numerous projects.

Suitable Locations

Our team ensures that your properties are built in areas with modern infrastructure, friendly communities and are close to the key places. Most of our properties are located in New Dhaka. We guarantee your protection and the right atmosphere in our chosen locations.

Verified Legal Documents

We have a team of experts who are skilled in the processing of legal documents. By connecting with us, you get the assurance that you will receive authorized legal & regulatory documents of your apartment which ensures that you are dealing with the right agency.

Why You Should Choose Mirpur to Live

Accessible Locality:

Moghbazar is one of the most popular regions in Dhaka. It is an age-old residential area and a commercial hub as well. Malibagh, Shantinagar, Tejgaon & many prime areas are located near to it. You can easily travel there using several public transportation services & several routes because of its accessibility.

Perfect Neighborhood:

Moghbazar has developed as a cordial neighborhood throughout the years. People are decent & concerned about various significant issues to develop this region. These residential areas are well planned. The grocery store, schools or hospitals at a small walking distance. So it’s an ideal choice for living.

Multifunctional Area:

Moghbazar is a multi-functional region. It has Ramna park near to it, the Mouchak market for shopping & numerous classic food stalls to satisfy your appetite. It satisfies your recreational needs & basic needs. This old suburban area includes all of a modern neighborhood's important elements.

Healthcare and Education

Moghbazar has reputed medical colleges & hospitals like Dr. Sirajul Islam medical college & Hospital & Ad-Din Women’s Medical College & Hospital. Also, there are some renowned educational institutions like Ispahani, Siddheswari, Viqarunnisa Noon school & college and Stamford University close to this area.

Standard Life-Style

Moghbazar consists of all the daily amenities of regular life. People lead a very decent life here. You can enjoy all the benefits as an urban citizen, get all essential facilities within reach & enjoy a great lifestyle by living here in Moghbazar.

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Joint Venture Land Development in Moghbazar

Our professional team has a successful record of completing excellent land development projects in Moghbazar. Now we're aiming to develop more properties in this area. If you want to deal with us to develop your land & turn them into a great commercial or residential place, contact our team.

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