Reasons Why City-Dwellers Prefer Residential Areas in Dhaka

At present, around two billion people live in Dhaka, and the city, geographically, has not as sufficient places as it needs to cover up its whole population. If you are a newcomer or an old citizen of Dhaka, you cannot deny that you did not listen about the complication of the unplanned city, water pollution, traffic congestion, air & noise pollution, solid waste disposal, healthy surroundings environment and more.

Nowadays, individuals or families who can afford to own a house or a beautiful apartment, even if city-dwellers who cannot afford that or yet prefer to live in Dhaka like to see their residents in residential areas since rapidly but in an organized way, residential areas have been growing in Dhaka.

Let’s figure the reasons out why you will imagine your home in residential areas of Dhaka.

Beautifully Well-Structured City

Beautifully Well-Structured City Area:

Who does not want to live in organized and disciplined residential areas to avoid the daily hazardous problem of Dhaka city? Definitely, citizens are quite happy to spend a key time of their life in a well-structured area. There are lots of areas in Dhaka where road access is very rough and tough even an emergency patient could fall in serious trouble yet would not be able to timely reach out to the hospital because of ambulance access on narrow roads. Residential cities are aware of building road structure, house or apartment structure, parking availability, health care facility, playgrounds, and the center of refreshment to facilitate the living problems.

Safe & Secured Area

Safe & Secured Area:

In a huge dense city, from time to time it is difficult to monitor the whole city that the residents are looking for yet in residential areas, the authority employs their own security to ensure a secured environment in case of robbery or stealing that is a regular event happening throughout the city. To schooling your child, to fostering your angel, to moving back and forth, or to ensure protection from fire problems or to lessen other civic life difficulties you need a planned community that is the prime feature of a residential area awarding.

International School Dhaka (ISD)

Educational Facilities:

In this congested city, if you are a student, you may go to bed while thinking how early you need to wake up to attend a timely school, college, or university. Meanwhile, most of the residential areas in Dhaka have well-reputed educational institutions, especially private institutions, where having educational facilities are better than other areas of the city. If you are Basundhara, you are just five minutes away from NSU, IUB, AIUB, International School Dhaka (ISD), EBENEZER International School, HARDCO International School. Like Bashundhara remaining residential areas have the same amenities of education.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Dhaka

Shopping Complex in Walking Distance:

Online or offline, no one can stop Dhaka’s citizens from shopping and it is not necessary to be in festival time although Bangladesh refers to as a country of festivals. In addition, people enjoy spending time with family while shopping, for service holders who usually do not get rid of the working pressure, demands shopping malls or recreation places near the home.

Krishnochura Flower Tree, Dhanmondi Lake

Eco-Friendly Environment:

It is unavoidable to keep Dhaka’s traffic as well as the nasty noise of vehicles away from your daily life. To lessen the situation that causes harmful effect on city dwellers, residential areas concentrate on the environment by using eco-friendly material of buildings, improving the water-logging system, restricting heavy vehicles that destroy the environment very fastly, planting trees beside the roads and the inhabitants also like to do gardening on the roof.

Let’s take an initiative to live in an area where you can avail the facilities already mentioned above.