Why Choose Dhaka, the Capital City of Bangladesh, as Your Dream Home

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, one of the rapidly growing megacities of the world, as stated by macrotrends, the current metro area population of Dhaka in 2021 is 21,741,000, a 3.5% increase from 2020, considered the heart of Bangladesh. Although a huge number of the population stay here, people who live around the city or live in corners of the country, very far from the city, eagerly wait for the opportunities and afford abilities to think about Dhaka as their next permanent address.

Hence, the city is packed tightly over its population, and rare to be found vacant places to buy or housings to live in. Because of easily getting availability and accessibility in many aspects that are needed to lead a lenient and comfortable life, Dhaka is the city rather than other cities where everyone wants to stay or if possible wants to build a dream home and in the following the facts are going to be addressed.

Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka | A Place Enriched with History:

For the first time in history, in 1610 AC Dhaka first received principal status, when the Mughals transferred the capital from Rajmahal to Dhaka. From the era of the mighty Mughal dynasty to today, there are historical buildings, architectural beauty, and signatures situated in and off the corner of the city. If you want to go back to the 4th century before just call a taxi and arrive at Lal Bagh Fort, one of the aesthetic architectural designs, spend your worth time.

Even more, you can move in the direction of the tomb of Bibi Pari, wife of a governor of Bengal; the Ahsan Manzil Museum, a palace for Nawab of Dhaka; the Bara Katra & the Chhota Katra, a building historically used for sheltering caravans and other travelers; and Husayni Dalan, a religious monument of the Shīʿite branch of Islam; the Hindu Dhakeshwari temple, the national temple of the country. It is time to think about and explore the rich city of Bangladesh.

Star Mosque, Dhaka

A Place of Religious Harmony:

Before going to choose a city for a future permanent address, you must cautiously take a decision about what is the condition of communal harmony, how people live co-existentially while coming from different caste, norms, or religious beliefs in that region. Dhaka is one of the cities where most of the residents follow Islam as their religion but residents who come from other doctrine live together with individual beliefs.

If you want to rectify your soul whether you are muslin or non-muslim there are many secret places to perform your duty. Bashabo Buddha Mandir, Dhakeshwari Temple, Joy Kali Temple, Holy Rosary Church, Gurudwara Nanak Shahi, Ramna Kali Mandir, Baitul Mukarram, and more Raksha Kali Mandir are popular with city dwellers. Dhaka itself is known as a city of mosques whatever religion you belong to there has freedom of religion and it is a magnificent attribute of this city.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka

Handy Healthcare Service:

Although 70% of inhabitants live outside of Dhaka yet Dhaka is the center for all who face a serious problem. Still, today, not only in backward areas but in urban areas or in municipal areas are unable to provide proper treatment or have a deficiency of specialist doctors. If you are looking for a better healthcare service, you have to attend here because people who live in other parts of the country have to come to the capital to resolve many matters and healthcare is one of them.

To make your life convenient, to avoid the sudden critical situation, to get the consultant’s access easily Dhaka is the ultimate destination for citizens who want to avail themselves of healthcare services.

Front View of TSC, Dhaka University

Educational Institutions:

In prestigious institutions such as Dhaka University, Dhaka medical college, BUET, or so on, there are numerous universities, colleges, and schools either public or private having quality and advanced education. Therefore, in the twenty-first century, each and every family is very aware of their children if they are getting proper schooling when they are grown up. Just for the only reason, many families migrating to Dhaka to admit their children to well-reputed institutions.

In addition to, students who complete higher secondary education seeking a seat in top-notch universities that are in Dhaka.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities:

As a capital as well as the center of the country, Dhaka hosts most of the significant corporate or administrative headquarters along with a large number of public and private offices. You will notice the factory, warehouse, or giant industry operate their activities around Dhaka or remote areas of Dhaka but the headquarters are in Dhaka that pulls the meritorious students towards Dhaka getting a lucrative job.

Despite being a populous fast-growing city in a developing country, job opportunities at this place are higher than the other places. There is a myth to the people of Bangladesh that Dhakay taka ore.

A Hub of Technology

A Hub of Technology:

Among the South Asian countries, Bangladesh is considered one of the fast-emerging countries in technology besides, Dhaka is the center of the technological hub. Whatever urgency brings out to your mind for instance, if you require transport to move back and forth around Dhaka, do not wait to call Uber or Pathao, offer ride-sharing service. If you feel hungry at midnight, call foodpanda, pathao, or other food delivery service. Even more, you can consult with doctors from home by using a mobile app that has been vastly increased during the time pandemic.

Your empty kitchen needs to be filled. Just take your phone, select your goods to the cart and wait for the things. These are the daily scenarios for city dwellers and all the things that have been possible for the accessibility and availability of the internet that would make your life more flexible and smooth.

Khilgaon flyover, Dhaka
Revamped Transportation:

Traffic jam, a daily nightmare tale of Dhaka’s residents. Though the economic progress of the country is increasing day by day yet it is facing hassle for lack of a disciplined transportation system. A large number of inhabitants use mess transportation like public buses, Rickshaws, and CNG-driven auto-rickshaws because of the affordable cost.

In the coming days, with increasing improvements in the transportation system of Dhaka, and the constant developments of infrastructures, we may count the day when being stuck in traffic for hours will not be an everyday thing. Some giant projects, Metro rail, BRT, Dhaka Elevated Expressway, Colour-coded bus service, Digital traffic system, and more are going on and expected to solve today’s problems.