Uttara Model Town
Preferably Better Location for Expatriate to Live in Dhaka

People are exhausted with extreme traffic, waterlogging, chaos, and eco-unfriendly surroundings and now they search for relatively calm & quiet environment places to live in Dhaka. Uttara Model Town is one of the most popular residential areas with desirable facilities for what city dwellers are waiting for.

Overview of Uttara

When you are thinking of living in one of the best residential areas in Dhaka lots of questions are raised in your conscious mind about • living costs, • safety measures, • education accessibility, • community, • transportation, aristocracy, • environmental beauty, and surrounding advantages, and other facts.

Uttara would be the best answer to availing all amenities under one umbrella, in addition, you may expect international schools, world-class hotels, hospitals, restaurants, recreation areas and leisure clubs with fully furnished apartments can all be found here. Expat-friendly, nicely decorated apartments are commonly available in this city. Residents may share with you the best experience of why Uttara is the ideal place of living by maintaining a standard life with affordable cost in Dhaka.

Accessibility of Education

While seeking a property to buy or looking for a renting house, some key factors contribute strongly to the decision-making process accessibility of quality educational institutions for kids plays a vital role.

In Uttara, you don’t need to waste your precious time selecting the most suitable institution for your beloved one. Whatever method you want, such as Bangla medium or English medium, even highly qualified Madrasah education also available here, following are some of them.

Picturesque Charm Places

Picturesque Charm Places

Diabari Uttara (দিয়াবাড়ি উত্তরা), a beautiful neighborhood of entertainment not only for residents of Utara but for whole city dwellers; even so, with your friends & family, you can spend your leisure time at serenity, take fresh-breathing, and enjoy scenic environmental aristocracy in the city of chaos for overpopulation & congested traffic.

all the things are unimaginable but possible only in Uttara. As a whole, the residential area of Uttara presents exquisite greenery symphonies to pleasant dwellers’ eyes.

The Contented Tranquil Living Space

The Contented Tranquil Living Space

The Uttara residential area is one of Dhaka's most prestigious but affordable elite localities. The area is built on as a great destination for individuals who wish to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city.

This neighborhood is populated by upper-middle-class and middle-class people. The cost of living or buying property in this area is relatively customer-friendly than in other high-end areas in Dhaka.

Best Dining

Best Dining - Food Lovers Zone in the City

For food gourmets or foodies, Uttara is an ideal neighborhood of modern cafes and trendy restaurants ranging from steakhouses to Italian and Thai cuisine yet budget-friendly. Just on your doorsteps, you can enjoy the taste of mouthwatering meals at a cheap cost.

At the end

Finally, it can be said that Uttara is specifically intended for people who are willing to lead a standard and luxurious life maintaining relationships with a great community. If you are pursuing the most decent place to live in Dhaka, whether it’s permanent or temporary, Uttara is the perfect desired destination for you.