Top 10 Building Construction Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh

While planning to build a house we remember some words like real estate, developer and construction, etc. yet we are confused about their actual meaning of or what job these words are doing, further, are they similar or have any differentiation between them.

What is Building Construction Refers to

Building construction is an art & science process that adds structures to areas of land, also known as real property sites.

What is the difference between real estate and construction?

Real estate companies use to purchase properties and own them to make money from them. On the contrary, construction firms in easy words construct the buildings. In addition, a construction firm works for a real estate company or company in a way that they provide finance for a building company to carry out a housing project.

Dhaka, a capital of 20 million people, in terms of infrastructure, construction, and high-rise building, one of the most rapidly upgrowing capital not only in Bangladesh but also across the world. Following we are going to mention the top ten best names of building construction companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Assure Builders Ltd

1. Assure Builders Ltd.

Assure Group, a prestigious name over a decade in the real estate industry as well as attaining a reputation in the construction industry. Their highly talented architects and designers emphasize ensuring state-of-the-art construction services.

They are also committed to adding value to every inch of your land and make the best use of it by building your property that resonates with your heart.

Toma Group

2. Toma Group

By applying cutting-edge technologies, TOMA always strives to construct the best possible building by combining superior architectural engineering with their ceaseless efforts to improve residences by understanding our customer's desires.

Toma also has built up substantial experience in various fields of construction, including high-rise complexes as well as educational, medical, research, and sports facilities.

Naif Engineering and Builders Ltd

3. Naif Engineering and Builders Ltd.

Naif Engineering and Builders Ltd is one of the first digital and technological-based self-dependent constructing organizations in this country. At present, They are constructing the biggest Superflat Floor project in Bangladesh.

They have all the modern and high tech equipment & technology for their constructed projects which have been imported from various first world countries.

With an excellent skilled and trained engineering & working team. They are always ready to implement their skill & experience to construct a quality project.

Sheltech Engineering Ltd

4. Sheltech Engineering Ltd.

Sheltech Engineering Ltd. was known as a construction management company a few years back. Their main objective is to execute and implement all types of piling works, shore piling, and joist driving as well as construction management of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

They are now capable of managing any big project within a committed time frame and have already completed industrial and residential projects.

BTI - building technology & ideas ltd

5. BTI - building technology & ideas ltd

BTI is one of the founding members of REHAB and the first real estate company as well in Bangladesh that has been awarded the internationally recognized certification for quality in service, design, and construction of buildings.

Over the years, They have expanded their operations from Dhaka to Chattagram and want to spread viable housing solutions to every segment of our society.

Alibaba Construction

6. Alibaba Construction

By adapting its capabilities, integrity, quality, time value, Alibaba Construction established its name in the field of construction, steel building construction, civil construction, concrete construction, design, drawing, supervision, and turnkey construction works.

Infratech Construction Company Ltd

7. Infratech Construction Company Ltd.

“Excellence in construction and infrastructure development” is the only motto that Infratech has been following to achieve for 10 years. This commitment is the highest responsibility that all members are devoted to within Infratech Construction Company Ltd.

Building Construction Limited (BCL)

8. Building Construction Limited (BCL)

The initial journey of the company has started with the functions of construction works, land development & real estate development but at present Building Construction Limited has diversified its jobs towards Automatic Brick Production line, Shopping Mall, Recycling Paper Mills, Local & International Trading are major activities of the company.

9. Bangladesh Engineering and Construction Corporation Ltd

Bangladesh Engineering and Construction Corporation Ltd. started its journey with the view to support the growing infrastructural needs of the country.

With professional expertise and experience in this field, the BECC Team envisioned the gap in the market for quality engineering and construction companies and foreseen potential growth opportunities in power, telecom, railway, and water resources division, oil & gas, and infrastructures.

Bangladesh Engineering and Construction Corporation Ltd
United Group Construction Division

10. United Group Construction Division

United Group started its journey in 1991 as Dream Builders Ltd. Beautiful homes are the yearning of every human heart that’s why United’s residential projects are located in the most luxurious & prominent regions of Dhaka city, which ensure that the clients enjoy the tranquility of their homes in style, substance, and safety.