7 Best Parks/Uddan in Dhaka City to Get Fresh Air

Dhaka is one of the meta cities of the world that means more than two crore people live in a very small area. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Bangladesh highly depends on Dhaka.

Very strict timetables, traffic, overcrowding, shouting-screaming, waterlogging at rainy times, the buzzing sound of construction activities, everything is happening in and out of Dhaka on a daily routine and we are used to this haphazard situation.

But life needs a break, family gateway, leisure time to relieve psychological pressure and spending worthy time with friends & family. We try to mention parks or places where you can take a fresh breath and celebrate outdoor activities. Place selection happens based on history, popularity, and reputation.

Ramna Park

1. Ramna Park

Lies in the heart of Dhaka city, a large forested area that is rarely seen in Dhaka city, Mainly used for people to walk and to exercise in the morning and evening. If you feel suffocated staying in your house, being exhausted from monotonous daily life or searching for a place for your daily exercise, Ramna park could solve your concerns as well as you would get a fantastic mixture of nature in the city of traffic. Residents from Eskaton, Ramna, Paltan, there are lots of officers’ quarters near Ramna park that’s why residents from that area can take a fresh breath in this renowned historical park.

Opening Hours: from 6:00am to 10:00am & from 4:00pm to 5:00pm every day.

Chandrima Uddin

2. Chandrima Uddan

Saying a blessing to have such a park in Dhaka won’t be an exaggeration, Situated across the road of the national parliament house, in Dhaka, former president Ziaur Rahman buried here.

You may check out my statement visiting the site on any holidays or weekends, definitely won’t be able to count the number of heads moving in and out of Chandrima Uddin, which was known as Zia Udddan before.

From surrounding areas like Mohammadpur, Shaymoly, Farmgate, Sher- E- Bangla Nagar, Rajabazar, MP hostel, and Lalmatia health-conscious people love to do their morning job at this Udaan, and in the evening visitors come across Dhaka city to spend time with family. Shouldn’t you be there also?

Opening Hours: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Bahadur Shah Park

3. Bahadur Shah Park

Formerly known as Victoria Park, located in Laxmibazar, Old Dhaka, enriched with historical tales standing as a witness of history.

During the British period, the Nawab family established it; However, There were some brutal stories of British soldiers that are still alive in people’s memory.

Local citizens of the old city used to walk and run in the morning and constantly outsiders visit the park, some knowing the significance of this place, meanwhile, some simply to have a good time within nature. To get the old vibe you could travel here with your household.

Opening Hours: 24/7 open

Dhanmondi Lake Park

4. Dhanmondi Lake Park

Located in the heart of Dhaka city, in Dhanmondi residential area. Once upon a time, this lake was connected to the Turag river; now it is a dead channel. A huge number of inhabitants live surrounding the lake area doing their morning activities at the park and daytrippers across the city gather here for family gateway and spend their leisure time.

Near the lake you will notice a street food court and visitors having that with joy. Seeking a place for morning exercise or outing with friends, the Lake area and its amusement rides might give a wonderful day for city dwellers.

Opening Hours: 24/7 open

Hatirjheel Park

5. Hatirjheel Park

It already has a place in people’s minds for its picturesque view and architectural beauty. Whom searching for a breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle of Dhaka, Hatirjheel has been serving since its opening as one of the most popular recreational spots for the millions who feed off the capital on a daily basis.

Townsmen from neighborhoods like Rampura, Magbazar, Mohahali, and Gulshan utilize the area to fit their health, participate in morning tasks and do it collectively. If you love thrilling events, may experiment with your driving skills but be conscious of whatever you do.

Purbachal New Town

6. Purbachal New Town

On the surface of Dhaka city, Purbachal residential area lies on, if you heard of 300 feet rasta or Bashundhara residential area Purbachol is very near to them and takes a few minutes to reach there.

One of the best places to refresh your mind and have fresh air because of its greenery as well as the natural vibe. Many people go there just to buy fresh vegetables and fish, so you can also try them.

Diabari Uttara

7. Diabari Uttara

In the city of concrete, we eagerly search for a place to be absorbed in the sea of nature. Uttara , a newly built popular residential area in Dhaka.

And Diabari, an extension of Uttara, where you can pacify your soul, can get the flavor of nature as well as the village. Across the city townsmen travel here with friends & family, you shouldn't miss out the chance of traveling here.

On the weekend, This could be the best destination for an outing in and out of Dhaka city. If you didn’t go there, pick your calendar, select your available time and take a fresh breath.


City dwellers used to lead monotonous life yet there are lots of instruments to boost up your boring time and these are places that could pacify your soul and make a good relationship with nature. Isn’t it better to buy your dream home near the natural heaven we mentioned above?