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The most excellent places to live in Dhaka are all about the administrations and comforts encompassing the territory. Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is encountering fast development and advancement in both socio-cultural and financial viewpoints. More individuals are coming to the capital city regularly and thus there's a consistent upraise of demand of living places within the private regions. There are some places in the city which are most appropriate for living although the city has lots of places to stay.

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Gulshan- the posh area 

Gulshan- The Posh Area:

First on the list is Gulshan, the area of the people with the high end! It is widely known as the "diplomatic zone" as most of the embassy is in this area. This is a happening place with private clubs, elite boutique shops, supermarkets, headquarters of big commercial companies, etc. this is an elegant and well-planned residential and commercial area.

 Dhanmondi- The Most Sophisticated Area

Dhanmondi- The Most Sophisticated Area:

Earlier, in the '90s or '80s, Dhanmondi was the center of attraction for the rich people which made it the busiest hub. Since then, tremendous cultural, residential, and commercial expansion took place in this area. This region was started in the 1950s. By that time, the signature of this place was the two-story private houses. Now there are huge apartments accommodating thousands of people.

Uttara, Baridhara- The Well-Planned Residential Area 

Uttara, Baridhara- The Well-Planned Residential Area:

In the beginning, this area was created as a perfect place for the individuals who needed to live from the common clatter of this active city. But, seeing unfaltering development all through Dhaka city, on the afterward, the Uttara got to be a reliable place for several educational institutions, shops, supermarkets, and clinics. Individuals of the upper-middle-class are the inhabitants of this region. The living cost is higher as per the other top-class localities over Dhaka city.

Mirpur- The Emerging, Phenomenal City With Low Cost 

Mirpur- The Emerging, Phenomenal City with Low Cost:

With the new metro-rail project, Mirpur is becoming the most desirable place for many people as it has all the modern amenities yet a low rental cost. Having convenient transportation means to almost all the areas of the city, Mirpur is the safe-house for students, bachelors and middle-class people along with the upper-class residents. This zone is primarily occupied by extravagance-class residential homes. Most of the homes of this place are of residential sorts. Now, there are many high-rise modern apartments and many major attractions for your entertainment.

Before choosing any place in Dhaka city to live in you have to keep in mind certain things, like- safety, good crowd, greener environment, and good communication. In the event you need to live an extravagant life or need to encounter a premium way of life, these are the poshest places Dhaka can offer. Select the place most suitable for your taste and requirements. For more queries and assistance, you are always welcomed to the Assure Group.

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