Sustainable Buildings to Make Dhaka More Resource-Efficient

Due to the rapid urbanization process, Dhaka has become one of the most populated and as well as polluted cities in Bangladesh. To recover the situation, we need to build more sustainable buildings to make Dhaka more resource-efficient.

Material management, water quality, energy efficiency, functional layout, etc. are some major elements necessary to make sustainable construction. With proper strategy and execution, sustainable construction can change our society for the better.

Sustainable Buildings

What are Sustainable Buildings?

Sustainable buildings or also known as the green buildings have become one of the most popular concepts in modern life. A green building means providing a quality construction that promotes the least wastage of natural resources.

This issue is important because most of our urban developments are done at the cost of valuable natural resources and energy. This ultimately results in a long term impact on human health and the natural ecosystem.

Benefits of Sustainable Buildings

Having sustainable buildings in your area automatically improves the quality of your living style and nature itself. In short, it benefits society socially, economically, and environmentally.

  • Less costing and low maintenance.
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Minimizes waste materials.
  • Conserves natural resources.
  • Reduces the risk of environmental pollution.
  • Single-handedly create an unlimited amount of employment.

How Sustainable Buildings Can Improve Lifestyle in Dhaka

Energy Efficiency

Many products that are used in urbanization are toxic for us. Green buildings in Dhaka can develop a healthy life and environment by using sustainable assets. These products are usually durable and can be recycled for repeated use. The focus is to preserve natural resources and energy.

Healthy Indoor Environment

Everyone wants to live in a healthy environment with fresh air quality. And the indoor condition of a sustainable building means a fresh environment. Pollution of Dhaka city can be easily reduced by building more green buildings.

Waste Management

Construction technology is responsible for producing a huge amount of waste materials in Dhaka. A green building is made with renewable resources, thus minimizing the city’s waste production by a great margin.

Water Preservation

Water efficiency is the key element in building a sustainable structure because it prevents any wastage of water. Therefore, having green buildings in Dhaka city can decrease pollution and misuse of water.

Healthy Lifestyle 

Having green buildings in an area means there would be less air and water pollution, less noise, and minimum waste materials, automatically promoting a positive and wholesome lifestyle. The perfect combination to lead a quality life. 

Final Thoughts

While the concept of sustainable buildings is relatively new in Bangladeshi prospects, many real estate developers are now paying attention to the possibility and scope of it for a better living style. The Assure Group is also focused on establishing Dhaka as a resource-efficient city, by making and promoting green buildings to the community.