Struggles of Living in Mirpur

Mirpur is a place of suffering. Although it is inside Dhaka Metro, no one can think it is a part of Dhaka. There are many problems you have to face if you are the people of Mirpur. If Gomti is the grief of Cumilla then Mirpur is the grief of Dhaka. There is such a place called Mirpur in the city of modern Dhaka no one can believe it. Because here suffering starts from morning till going to sleep at night.

So in this article, we are going to discuss some types of struggles of living in Mirpur.

Transportation Arrangements:

In any modern city, you can specify the time to go somewhere but in Mirpur, you can never do that. Here vehicles stand on the road for hours due to traffic jams. If you want to go somewhere, you have to go out much earlier. You need to do a lot of calculations of time because at intervals of one second you may have to sit at the signal for hours on end.

Transportation Arrangements

Mirpur is a hub of public transportation, you can go anywhere from this place. For this reason, there is a lot of traffic pressure. Here you may have to sit in a traffic jam for hours at intervals of a few seconds.

Being late for school, college or office is a daily occurrence for the people here. Sometimes it can be fatally damaging to an examinee. The road becomes more narrow for any construction work to be done throughout the year.

For which long lines of traffic jams are created. Mirpur's drainage system is so fragile that roads are gone underwater in light rain. Accidents are constantly happening due to the ditches that are submerged in the road.

Residential Problems

Residential Problems:

The residential areas of Mirpur are not well-planned. Due to rain some buildings have waterlogging on the ground floor. At that time normal life of the occupants of the building was disrupted.

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Gas Problem

Gas Problem:

There are very few residents in Mirpur where uninterrupted gas is available all day long. That is why people have to suffer a lot in household chores. But uninterrupted gas lines are available 24 hours in the residential buildings of Assure Group.

Air pollution

Air pollution:

The roads of Mirpur are full of potholes. For which there is a lot of dust when vehicles are moving on the road. It also adds an extra dimension to the dust created from various construction works. Thus people are infected with various airborne diseases.

Sound Pollution

Sound Pollution:

Mirpur is the home of cricket as it has Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium here. If you are a cricket fan, you will certainly feel the advantage. During the game, many people gather in Mirpur and its acceleration causes unbearable noise.

This is not a happy event for any student or heart patient. Also, the most deadly noise pollution is caused by the heavy equipment used in the construction of the Metrorail project.

There is no doubt that the life of the 21st century has become much easier, but life in the 21st century of a Mirpur inhabitant is hard. Assure Group will be there for you and committed to decreasing your sufferings by providing nice environmental residential areas.