Residential Services That You Can Easily Avail in Bangladesh

When was the last time you had to go through the torture of searching for a plumber to repair your toilet after it became clogged or needing someone to fix your electric wiring?

We are sure you have gone through these situations, since it is very common given the hectic lives that most of us lead, particularly in large cities like Chittagong and Dhaka.

Previously, it was difficult to find residential services but now they are quite accessible.

Here are some residential services available at your finger tips.

Best Residential Services Ideal for Your Need

This listing is for you even if you currently use any of these services or if you are thinking about doing so in the near future.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

The hectic schedules of households, who spend their time working, have increased the number of required cleaning services.

After a rough week, the very last thing anybody wishes to do is clean. That's why you can see the rise in house cleaning services throughout the country.

In general, most households are searching for services that can clean the inside of their homes on a monthly or weekly basis. Meanwhile, many businesses also provide cleaning services on an as-requested basis.

It is important to know what the professional cleaners need to do for you so that you can be prepared accordingly.

In addition, you need to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of and paying a fair amount for the job being handled on your behalf.

To name a few service providers, CleaningBD provides cleaning services for commercial spaces such as shopping malls, stores, offices, complexes, households,s and so on. and Handymama are other cleaning service providers that mainly operate in Dhaka. They offer other services like laundry, painting, repair, and pest control services, besides cleaning.

Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Repair Services

When it comes to electrical repairs, various services may be performed, from installations, such as rewiring your house, to little fixes, such as replacing a damaged socket/breaker.

Without the assistance of an expert, finding the source of an electrical problem in the house may be challenging and time-consuming.

If you are unable to fix it on your own, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional who is trained to execute the task in the finest way possible.

Drooto is an electrical repair service provider presently accessible in around ten of Bangladesh's most populous cities, including Dhaka, Sirajganj, Tongi, Bogra, Pabna, Rangpur, Jhenaidah, Feni, Khulna, and Barisal.

Drooto has more than thirteen service centers, including over a hundred experts available and ready to deliver on-demand repairs to a customer within three business days.

Laundry Service

People like services, such as pick-up just at the door, easy booking, etc. and laundry is one of them.

This has resulted in significant interest in beginning an app-based laundry service upon demand. People can launder or dry clean their clothing without lifting a single bone unless one counts the finger used for pressing the screen.

HelloLaundry provides on-demand laundry services to areas like Banani, Gulshan, Bashundhara, Joydebpur, Khilket, Baridhara, Adabor, Uttara, and Mohammadpur.

Home Shifting Service

Home Shifting Service

Relocating to an entirely new location can take place for a variety of reasons, including job transfer/change, professional or personal travel, or relocation elsewhere.

No matter the cause for moving, it is important to get reputable shifting services to make the experience smooth.

Packnshift is a shipping company that's been in business since the year 2000. A lot has changed over the years for Packnshift, which used to rely on phone /call services.

Packing & shifting services they provide include home goods packaging, transportation, supplying packing materials and supplies, electricals fitting and repairing, furniture packaging, moving machines, etc.

Are You Looking For Residential Services In Bangladesh?

It is a hectic life we lead. That's why having somebody skilled steer clear of the minor concerns we have with our routine home services can be wonderful.

These are some helpful residential services that you can easily avail in Bangladesh. However, aside from residential services, if you require some assistance regarding apartments or flats, you can always rely on Assure Group to get the best services available.