Best Questions to Ask Your Estate Agent When Selling a Property in Bangladesh

If you're thinking about selling your home and have invited local estate agents to do a market appraisal, you're probably wondering what questions you should ask the agent about their service and the actions they'll take to obtain the best possible result.

Do you have any queries for estate agents when it comes to selling a home? The following are some of the most essential questions to ask.

Make My Property Stand Out

What strategies will you use to make my property stand out?

It's never been more crucial for your property to stand out online in a world where potential buyers are online 24/7 poring through details. When property hunters are skimming through postings, the first impression can make all the difference. After a buyer has read through all of the details, they hope to learn as much as possible about the property.

Provide Marketing Services

What further marketing services do you provide?

Our team of marketing professionals ensures that your property is listed in the best possible light and that the maximum number of buyers sees it. Have a professional Social Media Manager that ensures your house is noticed online. As potential buyers increasingly look at multiple channels to discover their next home, social media is a crucial location for your property to be included.

Asking Price Achieved in Last Several Sales

How much of the asking price was achieved in the last several sales?

To determine whether a selling agent is achieving the numbers they're telling you with, inquire about the percentage of asking price they've lately achieved. You might be told to advertise for a given price, frequently a high price, but if the agent isn't truly consenting to the sale at that price, you could end yourself on the market for months without selling and having to suffer a price drop.

Presenting My Home

Who will be in charge of presenting my home?

The person you meet at the start, the one who gives you a market appraisal, and the one with whom you most likely build a trusting relationship, may or may not be the person who shows your property to possible purchasers. A small, close-knit staff can ensure that your property is properly cared for and that each person who walks a potential buyer around has all of the necessary information.

Charge of My Sale

Who is in charge of my sale from the time it is accepted until it is completed?

I personally manage each and every transaction, which is one of the most distinctive aspects of our service to sellers. You may rest confident that your transaction is in the best and most experienced hands in the office with Director level care and attention. Approximately a third of all property transactions in the industry fail. It's crucial to know who will be handling your sale because it's one of the most difficult aspects of the process.

Need Land Registry Data

For my value, do I need data from the Land Registry?

Another good question is to inquire about evidence to back up an agent's asking price. We're not talking about the agent's other properties that are now for sale. Anything that is 'for sale isn't a suitable comparison because it hasn't sold yet, therefore the price may not be met. All sold property prices are recorded at the Land Registry, and any comparable homes previously sold near your home can provide a reasonable estimate of the potential market value.

Percentage of Properties Reduced

What was the percentage of properties that were reduced, and by how much?

This may seem like an inconvenient question to ask, but if you don't, you may be setting yourself up for failure — you need to know if an agent is achieving the pricing they're offering. The highest price offered by local agents for your property may not be the best price, but being enticed into selling with an agent who overpromises can result in them underdelivering, leaving you on the market for an extended period of time and forcing you to accept a price reduction after your property has been online for some time and has dropped down the entries.

Assure has extensive expertise selling homes in BD

Assure our long-serving estate agent, has extensive expertise selling homes in BD

Working with various different agency brands previous to launching Assure has not only developed his abilities as a selling agent, but he has also fine-tuned a service that focuses on the customer and attaining the best results, with the support of his fantastic staff.

Look Around Your Home

When was the last time you took a look around your home?

If the house has been on the market for a long period, the seller will be more willing to strike a contract. As a result, you may be able to negotiate the price, contingencies, conditions, and credits for repairing aged carpet or other visible defects.

Anything Wrong With The House

Is there anything wrong with the house?

Sellers are obligated to furnish a disclosure form outlining any known faults, but what they don't disclose and you don't know can lead to serious problems down the road. That's why, as soon as a purchase agreement is completed, it's vital to have a home inspection performed by a competent professional home.


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