Where to Invest Your Idle Money This Corona Time

What About Real Estate Investment?

Wondering where to invest your idle money in the Corona Affected World? Here are some suggestions which may change your financial state forever!

It's better to invest your idle money in the Corona Affected world in long term investments. Long term investment ensures great returns. If you are thinking which long term investment is beneficial for you then we have the best suggestion-REAL ESTATE!

Yes, because experts say that investment in real estate is the best way to secure your both present and future. Not agreed? Why don’t you go through the rest!

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Real Estate Investment
Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the total income from a long term investment (such as real estate) after mortgage payment and other expenses have been made. A key benefit of long term investment is the ability to create cash flow.

In most cases cash flow is strengthened with passing time as the mortgage is paid and equity is built. Good real estate investment can provide 6% or greater cash flow.

Tax Benefits and Deductions

People who invest in real estate can take great advantage of numerous tax breaks and deductions. It also helps to save some tax money. In brief, a reasonable cost of operating, owning, and managing a property can be deducted from tax money. The cost of building can be depreciated but not the value of the land.

The cost of the property is generally depreciated over its useful life of 27.5years for residential properties,39 years for commercial properties. So you get benefits for decades of deduction that will lower the taxed costs.

Tax Benefits and Deductions
Real Estate Appreciates in Value

Real Estate Appreciates in Value

The National Association of Realtors says that levels of appreciation for real estate have been 6% per year since 1968, including the downturn in the economy beginning in 2007. So investing in real estate is practically a great idea if you are wondering Where to Invest Your Idle Money in the corona-affected world.

Rental Income

People who invest in real estate enjoy a good amount of income from other tenants. Even if the area you don't like anymore you can easily give it for rent and shift somewhere else. Real estate value only increases over time.

If you can't get a better market price for your property for the time being you can always give it for rent. So when the price increases you will be able to sell it. So you are only a gainer in this long term investment.

Increasing Wealth

As you buy a house of your own, you only increase your wealth. You can use it, you can give it for rent or you can sell it. When you pay the total mortgage, you become the sole owner of your property. So the value is added to your net worth. As you ensure equity it gives you leverage to buy more property of your own.

Less Risk Than Other Assets

If you think about gold or anything else like electronics for investment then the risk is too high. The market value of these things drops within a night. The value of the real estate does not defer that much. So investing in real estate means investing in diversifying assets. Even if you give it for rent, it's worth it will not be declined rather you get more money out of it.

Increasing Wealth
An Improvable Asset

An Improvable Asset

One of the most outstanding advantages of real estate is that it is improvable. As the property is a tangible asset made of brick, wood, glass, and concrete you can always improve the value of the materials.

You will only need some “elbow grease” or “sweat equity” to repair the rotten or damaged ones. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone to polish your property. Believe it or not it will only increase the value of your property. Even you can make it worth more by just improving the property you own.

Coincides With Retirement

It is a great investment for retirement. As it increases cash flow down the road, real estate investment can help you to stay stable even when you are unable to make money by working. When the mortgage is paid, the cash flow increases. So as time passes it becomes a perfect investment for your future by adding more and more value to your net worth!

Some of the discussions can be hard for a person to understand if they are not into money matters. But the greatest advantage of investing in real estate is understandable to all. It is easy to purchase, the financing is easy and with improvement there is no loss. And who doesn’t love to get the tax benefits!

So whilst the Wall street (stock market) is becoming a mystery to the citizens, real estate is becoming better and better for smart investors of the new age. So why being late? Grab your phone and call us for your own long term investment in real estate now!

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