What Would You Do If any Calamities Happen in Dhaka

The unpredictability of natural calamities like floods, fire, cyclones, river bank erosion, tsunami, and earthquake is a source of anxiety for the people of Bangladesh, if not outright fear in and of itself. Because of this, it is very important to have a plan of action in hand.

So if you have no idea what would you do if any calamities happen in Dhaka, do not worry. We have your back. Read on.

Things to Do if any Calamities Happen in Your Surrounding Area

No one plans on being caught off guard in a risky circumstance like a major calamity that might endanger their life. 

However, one can always learn the strategies and steps that might save them from loss of life and property.

If Calamities Like Earthquake Happens

If any Calamities Happen in Dhaka

According to several reports, the greatest advice to follow when in an earthquake is to dive to the ground, cover your head, and stay put.

If you sense an earthquake coming on, get down on your hands and knees, and take cover below a piece of substantial furniture. Stay away from bookshelves, lighting fixtures, glass, and other items that might fall on you.

Do not walk through doorways unless you are sure it is well supported and close to you. Many interior doorways are made of lightweight materials that do not provide any kind of security.

Until the earthquake subsides and it is safe to leave the house, you should stay in. Also, you should not try to leave the building when an earthquake occurs. 

According to a recent study, people are more likely to get hurt when they try to move around inside a structure or leave it. Avoid taking the elevators as well. If you are outside, then stay in open spaces, away from structures.

Water supplies might be disrupted or contaminated during a crisis. Make sure you have three days’ worth of water and food stored for everybody in your household.

Besides, it is always recommended to stash away some emergency supplies like first aid in case of emergencies like occurring earthquake.

If Calamities Like Flood Happens

Because flooding is caused naturally, it is impossible to remove its risk entirely. That is why it is important to be more prepared for calamities like this.

When a flood occurs, the safest place is a higher ground or roof of a house. We would also advise you to pack some food and water just in case you need them.

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself in the case of a flood, like putting mattresses atop a dining table.

Besides, you should proceed with caution if you decide to enter an attic since you might discover that there is no means to exit the space.

During floods, you should not go near electric wires since they become comparatively more active when there is a water supply nearby.

If Calamities Like Explosion Happen

It is in everyone’s best interest to work with the assumption that there will be a subsequent danger or threat in the aftermath of an explosion.

For instance, if a chemical factory explodes, toxic materials can spread into the environment; an explosion caused by a natural gas leakage can follow up additional dangers, such as shattered glass.

Get out of your house, phone emergencies, and the gas provider quickly if you notice any gas odor.

If you are required to evacuate after an explosion, we recommend that you retrieve your emergency supplies and any necessary paperwork (such as NID, passport, etc).

Take some money as well, and then tell your family members about your whereabouts.

Are You Worried About What to Do in Times of Calamities?

Having a strategy and understanding of what to do in an emergency might make a world of difference for you and your family. 

That’s why we have made a helpful guide for you in case you do not know what would you do if any calamities happen in Dhaka.

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