Hollow Bricks in Construction Instead of Traditional Bricks

In construction works, traditional bricks have always been the most used option as a building material. But nowadays, hollow bricks are replacing them for many valid reasons. Because this is a proven fact that hollow bricks in construction instead of traditional bricks are much more convenient.

Why Hollow Bricks are Better

While both are strong building materials, both the hollow bricks and traditional bricks have some basic structural differences. Usually, hollow bricks have several holes in them whereas traditional ones are solid without any cavity. But if we consider all the facts, hollow bricks are better than traditional bricks in many ways.



Hollow bricks are more durable than traditional bricks, which is one of the most important reasons for choosing the hollow ones. They contain vibration and high pressure making them stronger to endure a high degree of loading.



Weight-wise, hollow bricks are much lighter than the traditional ones. One concrete hollow brick is equivalent to five traditional bricks, thus reducing the construction cost by a big margin. Due to its lightweight, the structural designs also require lesser materials. Not to mention how using them saves both labor costs and labor hours as well.



No one would want to live in a place where outside sound can easily irritate you. Due to their special structure, hollow bricks are proven to be more soundproof than the traditional ones. The air trapped in the hollow bricks also makes them heat insulators. As a result, your interior will remain cool in summer and warm during the winter season.

 Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation:

In winter people need a heater to maintain the warmth of the house, whereas an air conditioner is a must on a hot summer day. As hollow bricks can adjust the temperature in different seasons for your convenience, the usage of your heating or cooling machines decreases a lot. Hence, less energy is consumed at your home.

Environmental Friendly 

Environmental Friendly:

Unlike traditional bricks, hollow bricks are mainly made with waste materials or natural substitutes like rice husk, coal ash, fly ash, granite slurry, etc. It means they are not harmful to our natural environment.

Let’s Wrap it Up

If you are working on a construction project, the first most important step of your list should be choosing the proper materials. While traditional bricks can build a strong framework, you should also consider the benefits you will get using the hollow bricks instead.