Health and Wellness In An Apartment Living

Living in an apartment can be an amazing experience if you centre your lifestyle based on health and wellness. Many people live in an apartment because of health and well-being benefits. Living in an apartment can actually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Though the definition of a healthy home is a little different for everyone, and each person has unique needs, here we’ll discuss some common tips for a healthier life in apartment living.

Stairs Vs Lift

Sometimes your apartment is on the top floor. While many see that as an obstacle or a negative attribute and use the lift instead but a lot of people see it as motivation. If you constantly climb stairs to your apartment, instead of using the lift you’ll get a great workout without even going to the gym.

No Phone Zone

According to Ellen Vora, MD, a holistic psychiatrist based in New York, keeping your bedroom a "no phone" zone is a noticeable way to improve sleep and even mental health. "Basically, by creating a phone-free sanctuary in your bedroom, you can get to bed a little earlier and sleep better because you’re not disrupting your circadian rhythm," she says. "You’re also not getting addicted to scrolling before bedtime."

Make Healthy Meals

An unfortunate reason why people don’t eat healthy food is that they believe they don’t have space or time to cook. Specially for the bachelors living with roommates, cooking can be a challenging task. But when you live in your own apartment, it’s easier to make those healthy meals, why? The reason is instead of being confined to space, you can enjoy your large kitchen and stay on top of healthy eating habits.

Room For Exercise

Most of the apartment has room for exercise and this is one key component to a healthy lifestyle. If you have space, buy a treadmill machine so you can fit in for some minutes of exercise every day. You should also invest in a yoga mat and a small set of weights for strength training. Because when the body is fit the mind feels refreshed as well.

Social Well-being

Staying in shape is a huge advantage to apartment living, but another great advantage of apartment living is getting a chance to socialize. You’re sure to meet people and grow your social network as most apartments are close to other neighbors, in addition to the close proximity to restaurants, and other popular areas.

Health and Wellness mostly stem from self-awareness: When you pay attention to your minds and bodies, you can make decisions that lead to emotional and physical health, and your home should be a place that will ease the process and inspires you to do your best.