Gulshan - Best Area for Expats to Live in Dhaka

Overview of Gulshan

We are here to ease your jumpy nerves if you are one of those handsome life-lovers or foreigners who are planning to move to Dhaka but are unsure of what to do. When relocating to a new city, safety, community, surrounding advantages, price, transportation, and other issues must all be calculated.

Gulshan is the ideal location for you. Because this location was designed specifically for diplomatic objectives, you may expect increased safety and protection as well as foreigner-specific amenities.

Embassies, foreign communities, international schools, world-class hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and leisure clubs with fully furnished apartments can all be found here. Expat-friendly, nicely decorated apartments are commonly available in this city. Anyone who has lived in Gulshan would tell you that it is the ideal area to live.

What makes it unique in terms of its inhabitants?

Gulshan has all of the necessary advantages, as well as a very healthy, clean, and pleasant living environment. Such as-

  • Well-structured buildings that maintain the following the city authority directions
  • Parks, lakes, and gardens for children and grown-ups
  • Places to shop in the neighborhood
  • Improved security and safety supervision
  • Restaurants and rest places with modern amenities
  • Religious sacred places of worship that are beautifully constructed
  • For foreigners, the best security method is
  • Maximum number of foreign embassies

Some of the Exceptional Characteristics of the Gulsan area are Presented Below.

The Elegant Diplomatic Zone of

The Elegant Diplomatic Zone of

The majority of foreign embassies are located in Dhaka's Gulshan neighborhood. It is the location of Bangladesh's largest number of "private members-only" clubs. The Gulshan region was intended to be a model community from the start.

This location evolved and matured into its current configuration over the years. Today, the Gulshan area in Dhaka is a well-planned mixed residential and business district.

Because the Gulshan neighborhood is home to the majority of foreign embassies, a large number of foreign dignitaries, including business executives from western and middle-eastern countries, stay in the region during their trip.

The Suffix of High Indulgence Life

The Suffix of High Indulgence Life

Residents of this area enjoy the finer things in life because it is home to upscale boutiques, supermarkets, and bazaars. This location is also known as "Living a Life of High Aspirations.

" The modern life amenities, such as luxury hotels, pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and local markets, are easily accessible to residents of this location.

The residential area of this location is entirely made up of luxury homes with ample living space, swimming pools, grounds, and panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Evercare Hospital in Dhaka

The Lake-Place Charm Homes

Gulshan lies in the region of the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake area. This region is primarily made up of high-end residential properties.

Residential dwellings account for 60% of the homes in this area. This location's property has 3-4-5 bedrooms, as well as a large living room and other modern features.

The Contented Tranquil Living Space

The Contented Tranquil Living Space

The Gulshan residential area is one of Dhaka's most prestigious elite localities. Originally, this neighborhood was built as a great destination for individuals who wished to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A lot of educational institutions, stores, supermarkets, and hospitals were established in the Gulshan neighborhood. This neighborhood is populated by upper-class people.

The cost of real estate in this area is higher than in other high-end areas in Dhaka. The cost of life and housing are both relatively expensive in this area.

Meant for the Elites

Meant for the Elites

The super-rich of Bangladesh lives in the Gulshan residential area. Strong real estate development has transformed this area into a more commercial area in recent years.

The Gulshan residential area is now a bustling Centre for various businesses as well as a well-planned residential area in Dhaka. Gulshan is an upmarket neighborhood centered on Gulshan Avenue, which is surrounded by modern cafes and trendy restaurants ranging from steakhouses to Italian and Thai cuisine.

Gulshan Lake Park has a circular jogging track that wraps around a huge pond.

At the end

Finally, it can be said that there is Gulshan that is specifically intended for foreigners and who are accustomed to living in luxury. Some even come fully furnished life journeys, which is uncommon in other parts of the country. In addition, if you ready to go some extra Advantage with the high cost of living in the neighborhood, Gulshan is the perfect destination for you.