Dhanmondi-Residential Neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhanmondi Overview

At first, concern that in Dhanmondi the elite and upper-middle classes enjoy a nice lifestyle. Its attraction starts to take place in a person's heart and intellect. The formerly tranquil location has evolved into the core of Dhaka's capital and now embodies the city's personality.

It is a place where superb education, delectable cuisine, cutting-edge healthcare, quiet beauty, beautiful houses, an iconic shopping mall, and a vibrant business center are all within walking distance.

Dhanmondi is the major link between the older and newer parts of Dhaka, and it is rich in both history and importance to the city's residents. Dhanmondi is now regarded as one of the country's most comprehensive and valuable zones.

  • Roads that are wide and healthy lakes
  • There are both low-cost and high-cost apartments available here
  • Citizens from the high and upper-middle classes can happy in Dhanmondi
  • Here you will find modern medical facilities as well as a shopping complex
  • Here are some of Dhaka's best educational institutes
  • Various shopping options
  • Different kinds of food courts


The fact that Dhanmondi is practically self-contained, with no amenity destination more than a few steps away, is perhaps its best feature. In terms of getting around the city, numerous public buses run along with the Sat Masjid and Mirpur Road, linking Dhanmondi to Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, the New Market area, Agargaon, Shyamoli, Mirpur, and Kallyanpur.

Moreover, the Shahbag road connects the region to Malibagh, Kakrail, Motijheel, and Gulistan via public transportation, resulting in a mass network of connectedness that is almost incomparable to most of Dhaka's areas.

Institutions of Education

Institutions of Education

Dhanmondi, out of all the districts in Dhaka, has the biggest concentration of educational institutions, practically all of which give excellent education at all levels. Institutions of renown, such as the Government Laboratory High School

  • City College,
  • Sunnydale
  • Scholastica
  • Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College
  • University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB),
  • Stamford University,
  • Bangladesh Medical College, etc.
Medical Services

Medical Services

Dhanmondi's healthcare clinic and service excellence are unrivaled, and people go from all over the country to find the medical services they require. In Dhanmondi, there are about 30 private dental clinics, as well as a number of specialist and general hospitals, like as

  • Green life Hospital
  • Ibn Sina Hospital
  • Medinova
  • Labaid Specialized Hospital
  • Bangladesh Medical College.
  • Bangladesh Eye Hospital
  • Anwar Khan Modern Cancer Hospital, etc.
Parks & Refreshment

Parks & Refreshment

Dhanmondi people have access to the amazing, majestic, and lovely Dhanmondi Lake. This lake, together with its surrounding park, is the ideal location for taking in all of nature's wonders.

Beautiful trees and a lovely lake give the ideal setting for individuals of all ages to unwind with their loved ones. And, if they're lucky, they might be able to witness a performance or event in the ever-popular Rabindra Sarobar, where joy seems to bloom every day. And for those wishing to unwind, the Dhanmondi Lake provides boat cruises on which to spend an afternoon.

Religious Institutions with a Long History

Religious Institutions with a Long History

While the Mughal dominion over Dhaka came to an end a few hundred years ago, the city still has a few architectural remnants from the period, one of which is the Mughal Palace.

  • Dhanmondi Shahi Eidgah (this Eidgah has been in use since its establishment in 1640)
  • Musjid-Ut-Taqwa is additionally an incredible illustration of advanced design intertwining with a devout subject.
Restaurants & Food

Restaurants & Food

Many consider Dhanmondi to be Dhaka's gastronomic haven, as it is home to a diverse range of restaurants serving everything from local specialties like mezbani to international foods like calamari.

Dhanmondi was the birthplace of Dhaka's restaurant boom, and it hasn't let up since. Along the Satmasjid Road, there are numerous food establishments.

And if you're looking for a place to eat some street cuisine while taking in some natural beauty, the Dhanmondi Lake region has many options.



Dhanmondi is an excellent commercial and business district in Dhaka; however, there are only a few well-established hotels in the region.

Foreigners, on the other hand, have alternative options for temporary housing, such as guest homes, which are not only adequate but also comfortable and secure.

These locations are ideal for individuals looking for a relaxing spot to stay without having to spend more money.

Shopping Mall

Shopping Complex

Just a few of the fantastic shopping destinations inside Dhanomondi's bounds, such as

  • Shimanto Square
  • Shimanto Sombhar
  • Rapa Plaza, A.R. Plaza
  • Metro Shopping Mall etc.

These shops provide special selections from both local and international brands, and they've become locals' favorites. There is also a Star Cineplex branch at the Shimanto Sombhar building where you may see the latest movies.


In a word, Dhanmondi, Dhaka; the residencies area is a modern living space with all facilities for all types of citizens with peace of mind, body, and finances.