DAP Map Of Dhaka City- Detailed Area Plan By Rajuk

Dhaka is known as one of the most populated cities in the world. Also, it is known as the second most unhygienic city to live in. The centralizing effect of the capital makes the environmental condition even worst. To improve mentionable conditions and ensure better life leading RAJUK comes up with the Dap Map of Dhaka city.

In this article, we will discuss some features of DAP. To secure your future and investment buy an apartment in the DAP area before price hiking in existing projects.

Overview of DAP Map

RAJUK introduces DAP throughout Dhaka city for infrastructure development, spatial planning, and zoning. Moreover, it is also used for utility services, civic amenities, and other causes of the metropolis. Hence, building a modern, scenic, livable megacity, the DAP map typically included Dhaka, Narayanganj, and Gazipur districts.

Background Of DAP Map

DAP is a city planning program first implemented in Dhaka in the early 1990s. The current plan of DAP is from 2016 to 2035. The original plan will provide better plans for the city and make it more efficient, and structured from central Dhaka.

Boundary Areas of DAP

The Detail Area Plan (DAP) created by RAJUK, is a comprehensive document delimiting all the areas within Dhaka considered part of the city limits. The DAP map is covering from the forest Gazipur to the trade area of Narayanganj, Saver, Old Dhaka, and Keraniganj. It's a whole area of about 1528 sq km. It will also include any other areas that Dhaka has annexed over time.

Purpose of DAP

RAJUK plans the DAP map for decentralizing Dhaka city. The purposes of the DAP process are –

  • To create a balanced environment for economic growth across the development areas.
  • To Improve and Secure selected areas with planned drainage systems and flood flow protection.
  • To develop the area based on systematic planning which includes access roads, outdoor spaces, community facilities, transportation, business areas, streetscape, and many other things.
  • Provide the facilities of service centers for urban growth.

Advantages of DAP

DAP regulations are voided on projects that are approved under old rules and regulations. If you are searching for a reasonably priced flat or apartment inside the areas of DAP, there is still an opportunity available

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Disadvantage of DAP

The new DAP regulations will also bring various disadvantages for landowners, tenants, and so forth. Specifically –

  • The landowners will be suppressed into a minimum number of flats per land.
  • DAP rules decrease the usable land by 20 to 40 percent which causes a reduction in total cash for landowners.
  • This lowered share of lands due to DAP barely letting the real estate developers work on those lands.
  • The house rent will increase which demotivates potential tenants into the DAP-covered areas.

Impact of DAP on Real Estate Business

The Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of Dhaka city creates a price hike for specified areas. Also, the areas for residential plots are reduced by 30-50% than before. The previously approved plots are reduced to 9000 square feet with five floors. Also, the implication of DAP in Dhaka decreases the floor area by nearly 50%.

Low-priced Apartments in Dhaka

However, the population in Dhaka is increasing consistently day by day. The demand for living spaces is also growing. This increasing demand for plots and apartment leverage the growth of the real estate business. Alternatively, the DAP map of Dhaka city increases the price of plots which decreases the buying power of potential investors.

Final Speech

DAP map is the step of planned growth for a better Bangladesh in the upcoming days. As Dhaka is the most crowded city and unhealthy place to live, the DAP opens a new door of opportunities for the citizen of Bangladesh. Keep your future generation secure by being a part of this capitalization. Join your trusted Assure Group of Bangladesh.