Building Renovation Ideas in Bangladesh

Renovating a building is a wonderful way to give your home a cozier look and make the best use of your space. Keeping pace with the time, building renovation has become quite popular in Bangladesh as well.

That is why many modern homeowners look for building renovation ideas in Bangladesh to make their living space as they dreamed for. However, renovating a home or office space is not the same for all types of buildings or apartments.

So, if you want to turn your building into a beautiful modern house but hesitate to choose what is right for you, Assure Group is here to help you out. Here we have picked some of the best building renovation ideas to give a luxury design space.

Best Building Renovation Ideas

Different people have different tastes and choices. Therefore, renovating the building is not limited to a few numbers of ideas. When it is about sprucing up your building, you may find plenty of refurbishment concepts.

However, we Assure Group, have picked some of the best building renovation ideas.

Energy Efficient Windows

1. Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are among the most important parts of a building. Some people may overlook the importance of windows, but we prefer to start from them. If your home is still bearing those older windows, they might be a huge eyesore.

Alongside, opening and closing older windows is also a matter of great hassle. So, think about replacing your windows with something more attractive and easy-to-access. This will be not only a cost-effective decision but also give your home a newer and cleaner outlook.

Incorporating large windows in your home will increase energy efficiency. More number of windows means your space will receive more natural light. Try once; you will notice a huge difference in the outdoor landscape view as well.

Modernize Your Kitchen

2. Modernize Your Kitchen

Do you know what the heart of a home is? The answer might be quite surprising, but yes, it's the kitchen. Your partner, or even you, has to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen.

Most importantly, when it's about selling your property, buyers will check out the kitchen at first to determine whether your home is suitable for them. In Bangladesh, many homeowners skip neglect the role of the kitchen. That is why we often see small kitchens in old buildings.

However, the thing is being changed over time. Whether you have a small kitchen or not, giving the cabinets a facelift will allow some extra room to store your essential items. You can also prefer cabinets with ceiling height, which will give a more customized and sleek outlook.

Use The Area Under The Stairs

3. Use The Area Under The Stairs

If you ask people about which part of their houses remains unused, the common answer might be the space under stairs. The interesting fact is that the judicious attitude of a designer can change the game.

So, don't let the space under the stairs remain unused. The most innovative idea to use the staircase is adding some shelves, and this will help you to showcase your favorite books or music collections while making wise use of the space.

Bring The Freshness Of New Colors

4. Bring The Freshness Of New Colors

Arguably, the color of your home space is one of the most influencing factors. A proper color of your home can change the whole vibe of both interior and exterior of your building.

So, be as cautious as possible while choosing colors. Nevertheless, color choice is quite subjective. Still, some factors can play a big role. For instance, a large contrast of colors can give you a more dramatic feel.

In case, you want to feel more organized and minimalist; an all-white palette could be a good choice to renovate your space into a new clean and beautiful space. However, if you prefer a more inviting and lively space, bright and vibrant colors might fulfill your desire.

Lightning That Will Create a Focal Point

5. Lightning That Will Create a Focal Point

Lightning has become a great medium to express a modernized vibe in any home space. There are several types of lighting fixtures, including Chandelier, Traditional recessed fixtures, Ceiling-mounted fixtures, and low hanging pendant lights.

Using any of this will create an interesting focal point in your home. However, it depends on the type and design of your interior. Generally, materials like granite, marble, or recycled glass are good for this purpose.

Emphasize On The Exterior Equally

6. Emphasize On The Exterior Equally

Modern home designers know that the exterior of your building is as important as the interior. So, when it's about renovating your building, emphasize the exterior equally.

Some of the most effective ways to upgrade your exterior can be adding cheerful and colorful pieces to the entrance, adding shutters, adding garden, or window boxes.

Final Words

So, what's your thought regarding our building renovation ideas? If you're still hesitant to choose the best idea for your home, consult with Assure Group for more renovation inspiration.