Best Universities in Dhaka for Quality Higher Studies

Students who just graduated their college must be eager to know about the best university to join. It’s actually quite important for you to select a high-ranked institution for your bright future.

Now, if you’re thinking about the best universities, Dhaka city has most of them. The environment, the history, and the research facilities are excellent from all aspects.

In this write-up, we gathered some of the best universities in Dhaka for quality higher studies. Therefore, we arranged this list of the places based on their students, quality, and accomplishments so stay with us until the end for all the details!

Best Universities in Dhaka for Quality Higher Studies

Before starting, let’s tell you that different people have different goals, ambitions, and interests. You should get admitted to a university that matches your requirements and future objective!

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

1. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

BUET is actually an institute for engineering and architecture. It was founded back in 1876 and is known as one of the best public engineering universities in the country.

The acceptance rate here is very low. Thus, it’s super hard to get admitted here. Still, thousands of students every year apply for this amazing institution for the blazing upcoming future!

University of Dhaka

2. University of Dhaka

This one right here, Dhaka University, is one of the first, largest, and oldest universities in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1921 and re-organized and designed back in 1973.

Many stories related to the war of Bangladesh took place on this very campus so it’s a great historical place too. Besides, with the students, people often go there to explore and see the beauty of the place.

Well, this university is public, and the acceptance rate here is 5%. Most of the students’ dream is this varsity, and you have to work really hard to get in!

North South University

3. North South University

Let’s talk about the country’s one of the best private universities, North South University. It’s the first university that got American accreditation from ACBSP. This institution was established in 1992 and has a top-tier environment for higher studies. The library of this university is around 70000 sq feet which is huge!

You can get into any department that you desire at the same time. The faculties and laboratories are also great with knowledgeable authority. You can also learn practically by getting into various clubs for your extracurricular activities!

BRAC University

4. BRAC University

This prominent university is located in Dhaka and is known for its high valued study system. Some of the schools and institutes are also registered under this organization.

It was built in 2001 and ever since then has maintained its quality. There are many international students here too. Plus, the acceptance rate is 55%, so you need to have basic knowledge about the department you want to get in!

Independent University

5. Independent University

Most of you know about this one already. The Independent University was founded in 1993. It’s another top-class private university in Bangladesh located in Dhaka city.

The acceptance rate here is 60-70%. The campus is really beautiful, and the education quality is high-defined. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are offered here.

And yes, the scholarship facility is excellent in this institution. There are multiple fields where you can get study excellence scholarships to full fund ones!

East West University

6. East West University

East West University is known as a private university, but this one’s little convenient for mid-range families. It was established in 1996, and from then, the education method has been superb with the large refreshing campus.

You can get attached to different clubs for extracurricular activities and can do your Bachelors and Masters both for a reasonable range of tuition fees.

Despite being a private institution, this university always tries to give multiple scholarships and full fund facilities to the students in need!

American International University Bangladesh

7. American International University Bangladesh

AIUB was founded back in 1994 in a very open space, and the re-design of the campus is breathtaking. It’s another profitable private university that’ll let you complete higher studies easily.

There’re multiple programs and faculties; hence you can choose any of them that matches your requirements. The admission range of this institution is 30-40% and non-academic services are also huge here!

Final Words

After being admitted into the university, one of the key issues that students or parents face is the convenience of traveling to the campuses. As Dhaka is becoming more and more traffic-congested city, accommodation becomes a big question. Assure Group allows you to nest in different popular places in Dhaka city and gives you easier commuting option to your university.