Best Recreational Spots in Dhaka for Healthy Family Time

To be honest, today’s kids of Dhaka are growing up in tiny closed places without any fresh air and environment. Also, the adult family members get hardly any time to take a deep breath.

In this situation, you need some of the best recreational spots in Dhaka for healthy family time, don’t you agree? It’ll refresh your mind, give you time to enjoy with your close ones and keep your kids happy and motivated.

However, it’s quite tough to choose places, especially in Dhaka for refreshment purposes. No worries, Assure Group BD is always here with you. We sorted out the issue with the most amazing spots in this whole article.

Best Recreational Spots in Dhaka for Healthy Family Time

As different people have different tastes in places, we gathered multiple recreational sites so you can choose any for your relaxation.

Fantasy Kingdom

1. Fantasy Kingdom

Those who are big fans of amusement parks must choose the Fantasy Kingdom for their day out. It was inaugurated back in 2002 that attracts a huge number of people every single day!

The Fantasy Kingdom offers tons of innovative, fun activities along with thrilling rides for both adults and children. You’ll get to ride the roller coaster (the main attraction of this park) that’s 1500feet, a large flume ride, an Arabian flying carpet, crazy bumps and a Santamaria Viking ship.

All these things are harm-free to enjoy the moments without getting scared.

Coming to the location part, the Fantasy Kingdom is located beside the Dhaka-Ashulia bypass road. It’s around 30km away from Dhaka city and remains open every day of the week. You can visit from 11 am-9 pm there.

Moreover, this park remains open on government holidays from 10 am-10 pm. So, what are you waiting for? Put this one on your list right now!

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

2. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

Novo theatre is one of the places where you can actually calm your mind and experience some deep knowledge.

It was created back in 2004 on 5.46 acres of land. The famous architect Ali Imam Designed the planetarium dome. It reflects the earth and blue sky together, which is truly breathtaking.

Plus, this dome theatre creates a 3-dimensional domain with the help of modern technology and equipment! An impressive way to enjoy some ease after a hectic week or month of work!

Now, how can you go there? Easy, it’s located at Tejgaon Bijoy Sharani avenue. It’s open from Saturday to Tuesday and Thursday. The time is from 11 am- 7 pm.

Note, It stays closed on Wednesday. Plan your weekend for Novo theatre today and enjoy the rest. You’ll love it.

Mawa Ferry Ghat

3. Mawa Ferry Ghat

Now let’s suggest something for people who love water (we mean lakes, rivers or beaches). Those who live in Dhaka can’t really enjoy a serene and peaceful environment, including the ocean or rivers.

Good news to you, you can go to Mawa. The beautiful view of the Padma river will calm your heart instantly. Not only this, but also you can enjoy the fresh ‘ilish’ from there. The taste is mouth-watering (not lying)!

Therefore, there’s Padma resort where you can take a rest if you want to. It’s usually a two-hour drive from Gulisthan.

If you want some cheap and chill tour, Mawa is definitely for you!

Lalbagh Fort

4. Lalbagh Fort

Are you someone who loves historical places? Well, Lalbagh Fort is your spot, then. It’s a Mughal Fort of the 17th century that’s located in the south portion of Dhaka.

The archaeological structure and history will amuse you, and you can make other family members know about this beautiful place. Besides, the traditional Puran Dhaka food is there. Hence you can enjoy them with everyone!

Dhaka Zoo

5. Dhaka Zoo

This place is actually quite famous for children as children usually love to see animals. You can take your family here and can enjoy some quality time seeing the lifestyle of multiple animals

. The place is also nature-based. There are spots to take a rest and eat food too. You can admire the beauty of nature and see various creatures and their beauty.

The place is located in Mirpur, Dhaka, so it’s super easy for everyone to visit, actually!

Here are some other places you can spend time with your family. They include,

  • Shapla Bill
  • Bangabandhu Safari Park
  • Ahsan Manzil
  • Zinda Park
  • Moinot Ghat

Final Words

Then, what do you think about our suggestions for easy touring options in Dhaka with family? And when it comes to travelling to different places in Dhaka conveniently, you need to have your home settled in a convenient location.

Assure Group has several properties located in convenient places in Dhaka. Just have a look.