Bashundhara R/A - (বসুন্ধরা আ/এ)
An Upscale Residential Area to Live in the Dhaka city.

Dhaka's best places to live are the services and facilities in the area. As the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka enjoys rapid socio-cultural and economic growth and development. The capital is visited by more people every day and the demand for living spaces in the residential areas is steadily rising. This is a place in Bashundhara that's a good place to live, but there are many places in the town to stay. And that's Bashundhara R/A, one of Dhaka's most popular homes.

Bashundhara (বসুন্ধরা আবাসিক এলাকা) is Becoming Special for the City Dweller?

Bashundhara is one of the safest places to live in peace, so this most beautiful residential area has been developed keeping in mind all the needs of this time of life. Below are some brief pictures of it.

  • Organization for individual and close security
  • Sufficient free spaces
  • The country's biggest shopping center here
  • Here are modern health facilities
  • Popular and prominent Educational institutions are situated here
  • With Tranquil atmosphere
  • Easy & modern transportation near Bashundhara

Some Logical Reasons Why People Like the Bashundhara R/A

A Lot of Life-Close at Hand

Promoting Livelihoods and Self-reliance

The residential area of Bashundhara was not growing overnight. It covers international universities like NSU and IUB, many private schools, well-known hospitals and pharmacies such as Evercare Hospital, grocery stores, restaurants, fitness facilities, banks, and more.

Basically, any Bashundhara resident does not have to go anywhere else. You can find everything in close proximity here. Here is also Jamuna Future Park, one of Bangladesh's largest shopping malls.

The Means of Communication are Very Close

City Communication are Very Close

Bashundhara also stands out for its prime location in addition to these amenities. The airports Uttara, Baridhara, Gulshan, Banani, and Badda are just a couple of minutes away.

It is very easy for commuters to move around as every means of transport from public busses to Rickshaws is readily available. When the Metro Rail and the highway projects are completed, it will be much easier to connect with other areas of Dhaka from Bashundhara, particularly in the outskirts.

Peaceful & Luxuries Abode

Peaceful & Luxuries Abode

There are very quiet and peaceful residences in Bashundhara R/A. You can see how each route is carefully named and organized into blocks when you take a walk around.

The roads are monitored and the cleanliness of the trees is strictly monitored, making this area very livable. Thus it is possible to say that Bashundhara R/A is the opposite of the Global Liveability Indicator.

Satisfaction of the Inhabitants

Satisfaction of the Inhabitants

The residents who live here are also generally satisfied, making the area largely secure and safe. As a consequence, Bashundhara R/A retains an enormous demand for apartments.

Whether it is a Bashundhara studio apartment or a big privacy-assured Bashundhara apartment with several car parks, all kinds of clients want to live there.

Actually, house rental is very affordable in Bashundhara. Even if the purchase of an apartment is off the table, there is a fair amount of rent for people to live there.

Bashundhara R/A Zone Far From the Chaos

Bashundhara R/A Zone Far From the Chaos

Metropolis R/A. Bashundhara appeals to people with better margins with a touch of class. As a private community, this area also offers far better services, including its own traffic guards and security services.

Bashundhara has become one of the most popular areas for the benefits provided.

Last but not the least

Lastly, say that; let’s go one step further, to new favorite Dhaka-Bashundhara exhibitors' places. It is a developing community on the east side of the Kuril motorway. It is a developmental community.

Bashundhara offers a complete living solution, in contrast to the above areas. Everything is within one border, ranging from businesses to educational institutions, health care, grocers, shopping malls, and recreation. This means comfort and low movement for an expat in town.