Want to Make Your Apartment Environment Friendly? Here’s How

When we live in an apartment and maintain a lifestyle in a buzzing city like Dhaka, climate change and other environmental issues become the least of our concern more often than not. Because of the rush of life, we tend to forget an important factor of healthy and sustainable living- keeping an eco-friendly environment.

Some of us might also wonder what actually can be done when we are living in a concrete world with the surroundings already polluted to some good extent. The truth is we can still create some difference and make your apartment environment friendly if we make little tweaks to our way of living. Take a look at 5 ideas that you can apply to your flat and do your part to help the overall environment get better. After all, charity begins at home!

Less Plastic Usage

1. Less Plastic Usage

According to 2017 statistics, Dhaka’s per capita annual consumption of plastic products was standing at a staggering 17.24kg. It has certainly increased now. Most of these plastics end up in landfills and drainage systems as there is a little facility to recycle. Reducing the usage of plastic is your first step towards eco-friendliness. Using jute bags is your best alternative.

Energy-Saving Appliances

2. Energy-Saving Appliances

This one is good for your pocket too. Find out where you can reduce energy usage in your apartment. It may be your AC. Look into your kitchen. Are your oven and refrigerator using more electricity than regular? Washing machines use a lot of energy when you wash clothes in a hot water setting. Installing energy-saving appliances means you are cutting down on carbon footprint and making your apartment environment friendly.

Save Water

3. Save Water

Another one that will save you some extra bucks along with the environment. We use a huge amount of water that we can easily reduce. How many times do we just let the tap run while washing our faces or just having a long shower? You can use sensor taps and smart showers to control water usage.

Add Greenery to Your Space

4. Add Greenery to Your Space

Having plants in your flat not just only increases the beauty aspect but also improves the air quality. And you will need it in a city like Dhaka. Houseplants are easy to take care of and don’t use much space. Bring plants like English Ivy or Snake Plant. These are great for reducing airborne particles and giving your apartment a bright look.

Eat Healthy Food and Reduce Waste

5. Eat Healthy Food and Reduce Waste

When you eat healthy and organic food you support organic farming and help reduce harmful chemicals and pesticides from getting into the environment. Shop locally so that you can cut down on carbon emission for traveling. Reduce your wastage. Look for things in your apartment that you can recycle and reuse.