5 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are the minimal yet functional living arrangements that most people want these days. As it is built on a relatively small space, the area has to be used effectively. You can use these 5 tips to maximize space in a studio apartment to ensure your home looks beautiful and convenient.

Store Your Things Vertically

Store Your Things Vertically

The most important thing when you are living in a studio apartment is to make sure your floor space doesn’t look overcrowded. Always try to store your things upwards. It gives more open space to your apartment floor. Hence, go for more length.

Attach some wall shelves and decorate them with your daily belongings.

Use hanging accessories or plants to highlight your ceiling.

Small & Functional Furniture

Use Small & Functional Furniture

Your furnishing should be minimalist and functional enough to enhance the charm of your apartment. Instead of cramping your flat with unnecessary objects, focus on using multi-functional fixtures.

Use a sofa-come-bed if possible. It will save a lot of space.

Try to use a small sofa or lounge without armrests.

Buy shelves, closets, beds, etc. that have extra storage space inside them.

Organize Everything

Organize Everything

Make a plan on how to organize your things. You need to arrange everything, so your small apartment doesn’t look like a mess. Even your clutter can also be used as decor with proper placement.

Stack your papers, books, documents in a specific place.

Use a laundry basket to keep your untidy clothes.

Maximum Lighting

Maximum Lighting

Lighting is a very crucial point for any place. Your otherwise beautiful home may look bland without proper light exposure. And for a studio apartment, the more light you get, the more bright your place would be.

Try to use light-colored curtains or room dividers that allow natural lights.

Choose wall-paint carefully. Go for lighter colors. Use similar shades for your furniture.

Decorate with Mirrors

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful fixtures that can have multiple effects in your studio apartment. They create an illusion of a bigger space and reflect natural light. Thus giving your apartment a specious look than it already is!

A bigger mirror would look more gorgeous than a smaller one. It will also work as a beautiful decor piece for your apartment.

Try to use a wardrobe or dressing table that has a mirror fixed with it.

Final thoughts

A studio apartment might be a smaller space than regular ones, but they can have the most beautiful appearance if you put your thoughts into it. If you are looking for flats to purchase, Assure Group has some outstanding residential apartments ready for sale.