5 Architectural Trends for Home Building in 2020

New generation requires new building styles. The 2020 architectural trends focus mainly on sustainable architectural designs. People are more concerned towards environmental commitment which has a clear reflection on their living style.

In this article you will find the 5 Architectural Trends for home building in 2020. Give it a good read to enlighten yourself with the trendy vibe and update your space or hire Experts to do that for you.

Smart Homes

1. Smart Homes

Smart homes are ensuring the dwellers ease to the maximum level. People can control the light,temperature or security of their homes just by voice command or particular remote controls or touchpads.

Smart homes also require less electricity as the smart devices are more energy efficient. This is to show gratitude towards the environment. It is a reflection of social awareness that smart people like to maintain.

Multipurpose and Open Space

2. Multipurpose and Open Space

Using spaces for multipurpose environments is very common these days. It helps to utilize spaces by using more meters. Now walls have become less common as people like to enjoy bigger spaces.

People now integrate the living room with kitchen or dining room with drawing room.  It helps small spaces to give the illusion of bigger space. Integrating the balcony with any room and keeping a big bright window will also increase space.

Taking Risks

3. Taking Risks

There are so many options in the market that are enough to overwhelm a person. There are patterns,themes,different color palettes and so on. This is why this year people are taking more risks by adding anything to everything.

Adding anything to everything means combining patterns with different materials,colors,textures and so on. People are open to experiment with their spaces and get something outstanding. It's like saying no to any particularity and breaking the themes.

Focusing on Kitchen and Baths

4. Focusing on Kitchen and Baths

Amazingly, the kitchen is now the centre of the home. As people don't prefer to have a closed kitchen anymore, so cooking and chatting or doing any activity has become easy and fun. Everyone likes to participate in the kitchen as it is open and has a good family time. 

Over time the bathroom has become the place of relaxation rather being a place of personal care. It is the main attraction after a hard day at work. Bathtubs are very popular and personal spa is also taking a hit this year.


5. Minimalism

Minimalism has become very popular this year. It is a choice of keeping the interior simple and following minimalistic lifestyle. Using recycled or average grade modern materials are included in this theme. People are enjoying minimalism as it is more economic and environment friendly. It also requires less hazard to maintain a home. As people have less time to devote themselves to cleaning so minimalism is also counted as a solution to this problem.