We Make Safe Properties

Safety always remains the first priority when we make your dream homes or commercial buildings. As a commitment to our esteemed clients, we never compromise with safety. This is one of the aspects that foster our motto, “Home for Peace”.

How We Make Safe Buildings

Respecting Rules and Regulations:

We abide by the rules and regulations set by local authorities and international bodies. We never deviate from the standards that are crucial for making safe buildings.

Earthquake Resistant Buildings

ASSURE provides you not only an attractive building but also we work on making buildings that are earthquake resistant to a significant magnitude.

Upgraded Door Locks

Door locks are in place in your home to protect your home and your family. We set updated door locks such as aluminum and electronic door locks in every apartment to ensure safety.

Uniformed Security Patrols

We appointed a huge number of uniformed security personnel in the entrance and the important corner of the villa, they will monitor 24/7 so you feel safe.