Md. Sheikh Shadi

Founder & Chairman

Assure Group

The Founder & Chairman of Assure Group is a known as a young perspective business entrepreneur in real estate business and building technology in Bangladesh. With his imaginative leadership and business knowledge, Assure drives forward to provide superior quality real-estate products by developing projects which are the essence of modern engineering and comfortable living.

Mr. Sheikh Shadi, born in Kushtia. He started working in several governmental and non-governmental institutions as contractor and learned more about business, and that eventually got the opportunity to establish Assure Properties Ltd. in 2007 after accumulating knowledge about it.

His journey into real estate began when he bought an apartment. Soon he realized that there was a huge gap of information and understanding of customer service, customer needs and demands among the businesses. So he decided that if he could take a new approach to real estate business and implement these changes, he would be able to revolutionize the sector and contribute in the growth of economy. Over the past one decade he has established Assure as one of the leading real-estate business house in Bangladesh. He believes that whatever work we have right now, we always need to give undivided attention and make sure that we give it our best.

Md. Sheikh Shadi Chairman of Assure Group Photo Gallery